Bhagwan Mahaveer Sanctuary and Mollen National Park in Goa

Bhagwan Mahaveer Sanctuary and Mollen National Park is situated in Sanguem taluk, Goa and is spread over an area of 240 square kilometers. The park shares its eastern border with Karnataka state.

Bhagwan Mahaveer Sanctuary and Mollen National Park is divded into two parts as National Highway Number 4A passes through the park. Mormugao – Londa railway line passes through the park area. Dudhsagar Falls, 4 tiered cascading waterfalls, is inside this park. Many temples built during the Kadamba Dynasty are seen inside Bhagwan Mahaveer Sanctuary.

Originally known as Mollem Game Sanctuary, it was declared as a wildlife sanctuary in 1969. Later on, in 1978, a portion of the wildlife sanctuary was declared as Mollem National Park and name was changed to Bhagwan Mahaveer Sanctuary and Mollen National Park.

Tambdi falls inside Bhagwan Mahaveer Sanctuary and Mollen National Park
Tambdi falls inside the Wildlife Sanctuary

The sanctuary has several perennial water sources. Goa depends on the Mahadayi river for 60 % its water needs. which originates in the border areas of Karnataka and Goa. Tambdi Waterfall is a beautiful fall slightly shorter than the magnificent Dudhsagar Falls is also inside the sanctuary. Tambdi falls is difficult to access as it requires climbing steep rocky path.

Bhagwan Mahaveer Sanctuary is very rich in flora and fauna with 722 species of flowering plants. 128 species of endemic plants, endemic to either Western Ghats or to India are seen in this sanctuary. An additional 37 species of Pteridophytes (plants which neither flowers nor have seeds; but reproduce and disperse via spores) are also found in this National Park. Many Mammals, Butterflies, birds and Reptiles are also seen in this park and is home to pristine vegetation like West Coast tropical evergreen and semi-evergreen forests and moist deciduous forests.

Dhangar, a tribal community of nomadic buffalo herders (mainly seen in Maharastra and Goa), lives in this park.

How Do I Go to Bhagwan Mahaveer Sanctuary and Mollen National Park?

Molem is the nearest town to Bhagwan Mahaveer Sanctuary and Mollen National Park at around 57 kilometers distance from Panaji, capital of Goa state, India.

Se Cathedral – An Ancient & Celebrated Church in Goa

Se Cathedral, Goa is one the most ancient and celebrated churches in India, situated to the west of the great square, ‘Terreiro de Sabaio’, in Old Goa, India. This famous church in India is one of the largest churches in India.

Se Cathedral Goa
Se Cathedral Goa.

Se Cathedral alias St. Catherine’s Cathedral at Goa was named after Saint Catherine of Alexandria. It was on her feast day anniversary in 1510 that Alfonso Albuquerque, took possession of the city of Goa from the enemy. To commemorate this emphatic victory, the Portuguese constructed this church at Goa.

In 1919, it is said that a vision of Jesus Christ appeared at the “Cross of Miracles”, one of the eight chapels at Sé Cathedral Goa, There are four chapels each, on both sides of the Se Cathedral.

The construction work for this Goa Church began in 1562 and the main church (except the main alter which is dedicated to Catherine of Alexandria) was completed by 1619. St. Catherine’s Cathedral Church at Goa was consecrated in 1940; even though the main alter dedicated to Catherine of Alexandria, was completed only in 1652.

The Portuguese-Gothic style architecture of the church, with its Tuscan exterior and Corinthian interior, is 250 feet in length (76 meters) and 181 feet (55 m) in breadth. There were two Bell towers to the church; one of the southern side collapsed in 1776. “Golden Bell”, the church bell at the Se Cathedral in Goa, is considered as one of the best bells in the world for its rich tone. You can hear the soothing church bell thrice a day.

There are many old paints on either wall sides of the main Alter, which are dedicated to Catherine of Alexandria. There is a beautiful courtyard in the Se Church compound.

There is an Archaeological Museum housed in the adjoining old. The St Francis Xavier Church Goa or ‘Basilica of Bom Jesus’ alias Borea Jezuchi Bajilika, a UNESCO World Heritage site, where mortal remains of St. Francis Xavier are kept, stands to the west of this old Goa church. Saint Francis died on December 2, 1552 and his mortal remains were brought back to Goa after keeping it at Portuguese Malacca for around two years. Public viewing of body of Saint Francis is allowed once in every ten years and the last viewing was allowed in 2004.

How Do I Go to Se Cathedral Goa, the Famous Church in India?

Grand and impressive of all Churches in Goa, Se Cathedral Goa, is in old Goa. Old Goa is at around 10 kilometers distance from Panaji Goa, the capital city of Goa.

What are Mass Timings of Se Cathedral Goa?

Se Cathedral Goa, a famous church in India, has church masses at 7.15 a.m., 10.00 a.m. and 4.00 p.m on Sundays and at 7.30 a.m. and 6.00 p.m on Weekdays.

Bird Watcher’s Paradise – Dr. Salim Ali Bird Sanctuary at Goa

Dr. Salim Ali Bird Sanctuary Goa is Goa’s only bird sanctuary, named after India’s best known ornithologist, Late Dr. Salim Ali.

Dr. Salim Ali Bird Sanctuary Goa
Dr. Salim Ali. Photo Source : Creative commons Licensed under CC BY 2.5 by Vearthy.

Dr. Salim Ali Bird Sanctuary is a 440 acre sanctuary, situated at the western tip of the Chorao Island along the river Mandovi, in Goa state of India.

Dr. Salim Ali Bird Sanctuary is a paradise for bird watchers in India. You may optionally to carry a good quality binoculars. There are many species of flora and fauna inside Dr. Salim Ali Bird Sanctuary at Goa.

There are a variety of birds, jackals, foxes, mudskipper and crocodiles. The area mainly consists of mangrove vegetation, which is the breeding ground for many varieties of birds, insects and fishes.

How Do I to Go to Dr. Salim Ali Bird Sanctuary Goa?

You need to get permission from the Chief Wild Life Warden, Forest Department, Junta House, Panaji by paying the necessary entry fee to get the pass (an extra fee is there for taking your camera inside). Then take a cab or bus that can take you up to Ribandar ferry dock. You then need to take the ferry service available there, to cross the Mandovi River and reach the Chorao island, where the Dr. Salim Ali Bird Sanctuary in Goa is situated.

Which is the Ideal Time to Visit Dr. Salim Ali Bird Sanctuary in Goa?

The ideal time to visit Dr. Salim Ali Bird Sanctuary in Goa is early mornings and late evenings.

This bird Sanctuary is situated within a network of water channels and you need to criss-cross them. Movement is restricted during high tide time, if you are going by boat.

There are chartered boat services for a group of around 9 to 12 people, which takes you across the water channels inside the Bird Sanctuary .

Basilica of Bom Jesus in Old Goa

Goa’s Beaches, Churches, World Heritage Sites

Goa’s Beaches, Churches and World Heritage Sites are a Tourist’s Paradise along the Arabian Sea Coast in India. Goa is one among the most popular Indian holiday destinations in India.

Goa is geographically the smallest state in India and is bounded by Maharashtra and Karnataka states. The state is the richest state in terms of GDP per capita in India.

Panaji is the capital city and ‘Vasco da Gama’ is the largest city. It was a Portuguese colony from 15th century till 1961, when it became part of India as a Union territory. In the year 1987 this state became an independent state of India.

There are many beaches in this small state. Baga Beach, Candolim Beach, Calangute Beach, Sinquerim Beach, Vagator Beach (this beach looks like a private beach), etc, are some of the main beaches here. There are many restaurants at the waterfront serving the needs of local and international tourists. These waterfront restaurants serves traditional food as well as local dishes.

Basilica of Bom Jesus in Old Goa
Basilica of Bom Jesus in Old Goa

This tiny state has two UNESCO World Heritage Sites; The Bom Jesus Basilica and The Churches and Convents of Old Goa. The Bom Jesus Basilica has the mortal remains of Saint Francis Xavier and is a famous and old Goa charch. Se Cathedral is another old Goa charch. There are many other churches at Goa, that attracts a lot of tourists.

The state is one of the main tourist centers in India, visited by local and international tourists. Year-end is the peak tourist season here.

Dudhsagar Falls on Karnataka Border is one of the most beautiful water falls, at around 60 kilometers away from the Capital city, Panaji.

The rock art engravings in and around the state, indicates its rich cultural heritage, dating back to more than 20000 years.

Climate is that of tropical monsoon. It is hot and humid during most of the year, except during monsoon season.

How Do I Go  Goa’s Beaches, Churches, & World Heritage Sites?

This tiny state is well connected by roads. Four National highways of India passes through the state.

The city is well connected by railway network to the rest of India. Indian railways and Konkan railways connects Panaji, the capital city, with other parts of the country.

Goa International Airport connects the state with the rest of the world.

Nitin Gadkari;  Minister for Road Transport & Highways, Shipping and Water Resources, River Development & Ganga Rejuvenation; has announced on 9th November 2017, that  the Goa to Mumbai ferry service will resume from  December 2017.

There is also a catamaran service connecting the city with Mumbai.

Dudhsagar Falls – Fifth Tallest Waterfall in India near Goa

Dudhsagar Falls, on the Goa-Karnataka state border, is a 4 tiered cascading waterfall and is one of the most beautiful and powerful falls in India. Dudhsagar Falls looks like milk and hence the name Dudhsagar. ‘Doodh’ in India’s national Language, Hindi, means milk and ‘sagar’ means sea. The falls is also known as doodh sagar.

Dudhsagar Falls on the Goa Karnataka Border
Lower half of Dudhsagar Falls.

Doodh sagar Falls is  at a distance of 60 kilometers from Panaji, the capital of Goa.

Dudhsagar Falls in monsoon season, is one of the most beautiful and powerful falls in India. It is India’s fifth tallest waterfall with a height of 310 meters (and 227th in the world). Water on the fall transverses more than a thousand feet thus making it one of the most beautiful natural scenery in India.

Trekking is one of the most famous activity here. There are many routes available for trekking .

How Do I Go to Dudhsagar Falls?

Dudhsagar Water Falls is situated at a distance of 60 kilometers from the capital of Goa, Panaji. NH4A connects Tourist Paradise of Goa to Dudhsagar waterfall.

Trains from Madgaon railway junction or Londa railway junction are the EASIEST access points (being major stations) to Doodh Sagar Falls. Castle Rock station or Collem stations are the NEAREST ones where some of the long distance trains stops officially.

There is a railway station named ‘Dudhsagar Falls’, where ALL TRAINS STOPS (including good trains); WHILE GOING TOWARDS MADAGON, to check the braking system, AS IT IS STEEP WHEN GOING DOWN. No train tickets are issued to this station as there is no official stop for trains at ‘Dudhsagar Falls’ station. The next railway station after this station where trains officially stop is is Collem Alias Kuhlem on Madgaon-Londa track, 13 kilometers from the Dudhsagar Falls.)

The best form of transport to the falls from the city is Jeep or a Four wheel drive vehicle as the streams criss-crosses the roads at some points during the journey. About one kilometer away from the falls, one has to park the vehicle and go on a Dudhsagar falls trekking inside the forests to reach the falls.