Have you been to Netrani Island, famous for Scuba Diving?

Netrani Island is a small coral island off the coast of Karnataka, situated around 10 nautical miles (19 kilometers) away from Murudeshwar town. It is famous for scuba diving, snorkeling, etc. It is also rich in coral reef.

Netrani IslandNetrani Island off Arabian sea coast in India.

Sharp rocks and steep cliffs prevent tourists from entering the island. Scuba diving and snorkeling is done from anchored boats.

Netrani Island is rich in fauna. Butterfly fish, Coral,eels, parrot fish, trigger fish, shrimps, etc, can be seen here. Fish eagles can also be seen in large numbers, which feeds on sea snakes and fish. A Mongoose species is also seen here. Bats are also found in the island. Whale sharks were seen around the island, occasionally.

Netrani Island was being used by Indian armed forces for their target practice; remains of which can still be seen there. In 2012, Honorable High Court of Karnataka has issued a stay order on target practice here. Naval authorities has admitted that they are using a big rock here for target practice.

There are some shrines in the island.

How Do I Go to Netrani Island?

Murdeshwara and Goa are the nearest towns where dive shops are there. They will arrange diving trips to the island. Fishing motor boats also can take you to the island from Bhatkal Fishing Harbour.

Ideal time to visit the island is during the months of December and January.


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Active Volcano on Andaman Barren Island

Barren Island is situated in the  Andaman Sea. Barren Volcano, the only confirmed active volcano in South Asia is situated here. This volcano is part of the chain of volcanoes from Sumatra  to Myanmar. It is part of Andaman and Nicobar Islands, an Indian union territory. It is at a distance of around 38 kilometers northeast of Port Blair, the capital of the union territory. Barren Island is also called Barren Islands.

Barren IslandBarren Island, part of Andaman & Nicobar Islands, India.

This volcano has erupted more than ten times. First recorded eruption dates back to 1787. The last time this active volcano erupted was in 2017.

Ar-Ar dating of Barren Island volcano  proved that the oldest sub-aerial lava flow occurred 1.6 million years back. This volcano is located on an oceanic crust, which is  approximately 106 million year old.

This island’s highest point  is 354 meters (1,161 feet) above sea level. The most of the primitive volcano is now situated underwater (on the seafloor 2,250 meters or 7,380 feet below sea level). The island is 3 kilometers  in diameter, with a total surface area of 8.34 square kilometers.

The island is uninhabited, though some fauna exists. These include Goats, birds, bats like flying foxes and rodent species like rats. There is hardly any flora in the island.

Indians can go to the Barren islands on chartered boats, after getting prior approval from the forest department office. Landing ashore is prohibited for foreigners.

Tourism around Barren Islands

The area surrounding Barren Island is considered as one of the top scuba diving destinations in the world. Manta rays swim teams prefer this area for the large number of Manta rays here. Basalt formations are another specialty of the area. It has a fast growing coral gardens. Past lava flows are another attraction for tourists to the area around Barren Islands.

How Do I Go to Barren Island for Scuba diving?

Scuba operators are based in the Havelock Island, another island which is also part of the Union territory of Andaman & Nicobar islands. From there, Scuba operators take you abroad ships or chartered boats to the scuba diving areas near to Barren Island.

World Visa Information Visahunter.com

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Maldives – the Heaven for a Tourist

Maldives the Heaven for a Tourist

Maldives (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Maldives islands, the Heaven of a Tourist, is a group of islands on the Indian Ocean, near to Laskshadweep islands of India and Sri Lanka. Maldives is a Presidential republic and is the smallest country in Asia in terms of population and area. Male is the Capital city.

1200 low-lying coral islands, which are all very small, lying in the  Indian Ocean are collectively known as Maldives. Only 198 islands are occupied. It has got a population of around 3 lack people. Other islands are used mainly for tourism. Many islands have population of less than 200 people!

Around 28 % of The Gross Domestic Product is from Tourism. Maldives is famous for its blue ocean and white beaches and is ranked as the best recreational diving destinations in the world. Around a million tourists visit Maldives every year and the number is increasing exponentially over the last few years.

Agriculture is the other  economic activity in Maldives.

Maldives islands are well known for the coral life in the islands. Whales, Dolphins, Sea turtles, etc, are found in large numbers.

How Do I Go to Maldives?

You can take a flight to go Maldives. There are Four international and Three domestic airports in Maldives.

There are many ports, harbors  jetties in Maldives.

Paved Roads are very few; Only 80 to 90 Kilometers of roads are there in total!

There is no railway system in Maldives.

Church of the Resurrection in Old Jerusalem

Information You Probably Didn’t Know About Holy See or Holy Land – JERUSALEM

A Visit to the Holy See or Holy Land! The ultimate dream for any Christian. This dream can be achieved  now by  the residents of India.

Go on a tour of  JERUSALEM and nearby tourist places like AMMAN (JORDAN), PALESTINE,  EGYPT; this year  and get the ultimate pilgrimage satisfaction.  It is the birth place of the Lord Jesus Christ. Celebrate Christmas at Jerusalem!

Visit the historic places where Jesus Christ lived his life. You can see the places where Jesus Christ was born, baptized, lived and preached Christianity.  Holy Land is the place where biblical churches, hills, seas, etc, are found. Egypt is home to one of the seven wonders of the world;  Egyptian mummies. Visit UNESCO World Herniate Sites in Egypt. Come and explore these heritage beauties.

Church of the Holy Sepulchre or Church of the Resurrection or Church of the Anastasis in Old Jerusalem
Church of the Holy Sepulchre or Church of the Resurrection or Church of the Anastasis in Old Jerusalem

Church of the Holy Sepulchre or Church of the Resurrection or Church of the Anastasis is 4th century Orthodox Church at old Jerusalem. It is one of the holiest places for any Christian. It is the site where Jesus Christ was crucified (Calvary or Golgotha). The site where Jesus Christ was buried is situated in a 18th century shrine called Aedicule or Edicul. Both these holiest sites are located close to each other. It is also a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Dome of the Rock is the most recognizable landmark in Jerusalem. It is  an Islamic Shrine and a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It was built in 691 CE. The original dome collapsed in 1015. It was rebuilt in 1022 – 23. This is one of the oldest Islamic architectures found anywhere in the world. It is believed that Prophet Muhammad’s Journey to heaven started from the rock at the center of this structure.

Foundation Stone at Dome of the Rock, in holy See alias Holy Land
Foundation Stone at Dome of the Rock, in Jerusalem

This rock is of great significance for the Jews also, as it is believed to be the purported site of Abraham’s attempted sacrifice of his son. Jews call this stone as “Foundation Stone” or Pierced Stone. There is a hall in the corner of the stone and hence the name Pierced stone.  It is the holiest place for Jews.

Western Wall is another UNESCO World Heritage Site in old Jerusalem. It is made of lime-stones.  It can be described as the 187 foot or 57 meter exposed portion of the ancient wall, situated on the western side of the Temple Mount. Western Wall is the holiest place for Jews. Beyond this wall, Jews are not allowed to go. They can pray here on the side of the western wall. It is the holiest place for Jews to pray. i.e. For Jews, Western Wall is the holiest place to pray and the Foundation Stone is the holiest place.


How Do I Go to the Holy See or Holy Land; JERUSALEM?

Holy Land, the birth place of the Jesus Christ, the spot where the Baptism of Jesus Christ took place, UN World Heritage sites in and around Jerusalem, etc, can be visited by contacting the Group tour operators, Drishya Holidays. They offer 9 nights and 10 days tour package from India at affordable rates, on a twin sharing basis.  Please call  +91-98107  – 141500 or email  at [email protected] These group tours starts from Kerala and New Delhi.