Bylakuppe Buddhist Monastery Near Coorg

Bylakuppe is an area or town, which is home to several Tibetan settlements, established by Lugsum Samdupling in 1961 and Dickyi Larsoe in 1969, near to Koorg, located to the west of Mysore district, Karnataka, India.

Bylakuppe – Namdroling Monastery.

Tibetans accounted for majority of the population here. An estimated 70,000 Tibetans lives here today; on land leased by the state government to those who came to resettle in India after 1959.

There are a number of monasteries and temples here. There are Buddhist universities also, for advanced Buddhist practices.

If you are not a citizen of India, you need to get a PAP (Protected Area Permit) to stay overnight, (Obtaining this permit may take weeks to months.)

Some of the places of Interest at Bylakupe are Namdroling Monastery’s Golden Temple and Ingalakere lake.

How Do I Go to Bylakuppe?

Bylakuppe is at a distance of around 80 kilometers from Mysore city. The nearest airport and railway station is at Mysore.