Guindy National Park, Snake Park and Children’s Park

Guindy National Park is one of the smallest National Parks in India. Guindy park has an area of just 2.70 square kilometers. Guindy National park is the 8th smallest national park in India.

It is situated in the heart of Chennai city, Tamilnadu state, India.   Guindy National park is located  next to Raj Bhavan, the official residence of the governor of the state of Tamilnadu.

Painted Stork inside Guindy national par
Painted Stork inside Guindy national park.

Guindy National Park  extends into the Raj Bhavan compound also. The park consists of  forests, scrub lands, lakes, streams, etc.

There is a snake park and children’s park on the periphery of Guindy National park, Chennai. A fossilized tree specimen, estimated to be about 20 million years old is there in the Children’s park. It is a much sought after destination for the school children of Chennai. Snake Park and Children’s park has separate entry gates with separate entry fee to be paid.

This national park at Gundy has a sizable population of Spotted Deer numbering around 2,000. The park also has around 400 black-bucks  and 24 jackals.  There are around 150 bird species, 14 mammal species and 60 species of butterflies and same number of spider species.  There are 9 species of amphibians. Endangered species like star tortoise is also found inside the National park at Guindy.

How Do I Go to Guindy National Park, Chennai?

Guindy National Park’s entry gate is situated on the Sardar Patel Road next to the Adyar Cancer Institute, Chennai. It is also close to  Anna University and I.I.T. Chennai.

Indira Nagar railway station is the nearest railway station to the park, on the MRTS  (Mass Rapid Transport System, an elevated suburban railway network). Gindy or Saidapet stations on the Tambaram – Beach suburban railway line is also close to the park. Those traveling by Chennai Metro train can get down at Gindy or Saidapet stations and take a bus or auto-rickshaw  to reach the National Park.

Nagalapuram Falls, Nagalapuram Trekking Package, Nagalapuram Temple

Nagalapuram falls are a group of small beautiful falls in Chittoor district, Andhra Pradesh state, India. There are four small falls cum pools at Nagalapuram.

Nagalapuram falls
Nagalapuram falls

Nagalapuram Waterfalls are easily accessible by trekking some distance. You need to walk some distance along the stream side to reach the falls. You can hear sound of the fall waters from a distance.

Nagalapuram trekking packages are very popular. Local guides are there to help you. An ideal landmark for the local guides to pick up the trekkers is the small Dam at Pichattur. They may take you by tractors up to the water stream, for a fee. From there, you need to trek. The trekking route is along the water stream, on your left. You can trek without much difficulty, up to the second pool. There is a small rock to climb, having a height of 7 or 8 feet or so. There are steps to climb this rock. After the second pool, trekking becomes little bit difficult. It is advisable only for an experienced trekker.

Its an ideal weekend getaway place for the Chennaites, especially for the bachelors. They can go by bikes and enjoy trip. Its advisable to go in groups. There are no shops on the trekking route to the falls. Please buy sufficient water and snacks in advance.

Nagalapuram town was built by Krishnadevaraya of Vijayanagara Empire, in memory of his mother Nagala Devi.

Nagalapuram Temple

Nagalapuram town has the famous Vishnu temple, Vedanarayana Temple. The deity here is in the form of Matsya (Fish in English). Fish was the first among the ten avatars (or incarnation in English). i.e. Fish was the first incarnation among the ten incarnations Lord Vishnu has taken. The 10 incarnations are called Dasavatara. Vedanarayana temple is built in the Vijayanagar style of architecture. The specialty of the Nagalapuram temple architecture is that during the three day temple festival, sun rays falls on the main deity’s fore head, navel and feet.

How Do I Go to Nagalapuram Falls?

Nagalapuram fall is situated in Arai Village. If you are coming from Tirupathi, travel 23 kilometers towards Uthukottai. Take left at Pichatur town and head towards Pichatur Dam. From Pichatur Dam, Arai village where is the falls is situated, is at around 8 kilometers distance.

If you are coming from Chennai, Pichatur town is at around 20 kilometers distance, after crossing Uthukottai town. Take Right at Pichatur and go towards the Pichatur dam and then to Arai village.

Puttur railway station is the nearest railway station, at 37 kilometers from Nagalapuram falls. Ekambarakuppam railway station (station code EKM) is at 39 kilometers from the falls cum ponds at Nagalapuram. Nagari railway station with station code NG, is another railway station at around 40 kilometers distance. Renigunta Junction railway station (near Tirupathi) is at around 61 kilometers distance from the falls at Nagalapuram.

Tirupati town is at around 70 kilometers from Nagalapuram town. Uttukkottai is at around 40 kilometers from the falls at Nagalapuram. Chennai is at around 90 kilometers from the falls at Nagalapuram. Bengaluru is at 280 kilometers from Nagalapuram falls. (Bangalore is the older name for the city of Bengaluru) .

Kone Falls

Kailasakona waterfalls or Kone falls is another beautiful falls, on the Uthukottai – Tirupathi Road, at around 34 kilometers away from Utukkottai Town. (Kailasakona falls is 10 kilometers ahead of Puttur). Uthukottai is a small town spread over the states of Tamilnadu and Andhra Pradesh, on the inter-state border.