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Vellore Fort is a situated in heart of Vellore city in Tamilnadu state. This fort was constructed by Vijayanagara kings, during the 16th century.

Vellore Fort
Vellore Fort, Tamilnadu

This fort is considered as one of the best military architecture in Southern India. The fort is known for its grand ramparts and wide moats. This magnificent fort is spread over 133 acres of land in 0.54 square kilometers. It is situated at an altitude of 220 meters, i.e. 720 feet. It is believed that there existed an escape tunnel of 12 kilometers long, connecting this fort with Virinjipuram.

This fort is unique in that it houses 3 religious places of worship. Aa temple, mosque and a church exists inside the fort. Jalakandeswarar temple, a mosque and St. John’s Church are the historical places to visit, all situated inside the fort.

This Fort once served as the headquarters of Aravidu Dynasty (of Vijayanagara Empire). This fort is one among the leading historical places in India, during 16th to 20th centuries. The fort changed hands to Bijapur sultans, Marathas, Carnatic Nawabs and finally to The British, before Indian Independence. Archaeological Department of the Indian Government now maintains the fort.

The British has held Tipu Sultan‘s family and Sri Vikrama Rajasinha (the last king of Sri Lanka), as prisoners in this fort. Sriranga Raya of Vijayanagara royal family was massacred in this fort. This fort is where the first significant military rebellion against The British, Vellore Mutiny, erupted in 1806.

How Do I Go to Vellore Fort?

One among the leading historical monuments in India, Vellore Fort, is easily accessible by road and train. Its at the heart of the town and cabs can take you to the fort entrance. Katpadi Junction railway station is the nearest railway station to Vellore fort, at around 7.2 kilometers distance.

Vellore Airport does not offer passenger transport. Chennai airport is the nearest airport at 140 kilometers distance. Bengaluru airport is at around 215 kilometers from Vellore.

Bangalore Fort – Tipu Sultan’s Summer Palace

Bangalore Fort is an old fort in the heart of Bangalore city, or Bangalooru as it is called now. Kempe Gowda I , First ruler of Bangalore Kingdom under the Vijayanagara Empire built this fort in 1537.

Old Bangalore Fort
Old Bangalore Fort

The original fort was made using mud. Sultan Hyder Ali of Mysore re-built the fort with stones in 1761, after the fort and the city came under his Kingdom. In 1791 during the reign of Tip Sultan, the British East India Company captured the Bangalore Fort in the Third Mysore War. There is a marble plaque at the spot where the British breached fort’s wall. Capture of Bangalore Fort helped the British East India Company to establish a strategic base here to attack Tippu Sultan’s capital, Srirangapatna, in which they succeed in later years.

The fort is in ruins and what remains today are the Delhi gate and two bastions, along with Tipu Sultan’s Summer Palace. The Summer Palace of Tip Sultan is in Indo-Islamic architecture. Construction of this palace was started by Sultan Hyder Ali of Mysore and was completed by Tipu Sultan, his eldest son. Bangalore Fort is one among the must see Bangalore sightseeing tourist places.

How Do I Go to Bangalore Fort?

Bangalore Fort, one of the main tourist places in Bangalore, is accessible from the Delhi gate on the Krishnarajendra Road. The road is well connected to other parts of the city. Bangalore City railway station is the nearest major railway station to Bangalore Fort. There is an International airport at the outskirts of Bangalore.