Cubbon Park Known for its Landscaping, Aquarium and Statues

Cubbon Park or Sri Chamarajendra Park as it is officially known, is a beautiful park spread over an area of 300 acres, in the heart of the Bengaluru city.

Cubbon ParkCubbon Park

Cubbon Park was initially created in 1870 with an area of 100 acres. Later-on, the park was extended to 1.2 square kilometers, spanning over 300 acres. This park is known for its landscaping, which is integrated well with  the natural rocks, tress, bamboos, etc. The park has walking paths which are well maintained. There are motor-able roads inside the park; access is only for light motor vehicles.

Brief History on  Sri Chamarajendra Park alias Cubbon Park

The first name of the park was Meade’s Park, named after Sir John Meade, who was the Acting Commissioner of Mysore in 1870. Later on, the park was renamed as Cubbon Park. Sir Mark Cubbon was the longest serving commissioner of the state.

The park was again renamed as Sri Chamarajendra Park in 1927, in memory of the 19th century ruler Sri Chamarajendra Wodeyar. Chamarajendra Wodeyar was the King of the then princely state of Mysore. He reigned from 1868–1894. Bengaluru was under his rule, when park came into existence in 1870.

Flora inside Cubbon Park or Sri Chamarajendra Park

Cubbon Park is very rich in flora. There are around 68 genera trees or plants. A total of 96 species of plants or trees, numbering around 6000 plants or trees, are found inside the park. There are many ornamental and exotic trees and plants, lining the roads of Cubbon park.

Other buildings inside  Sri Chamarajendra Park alias Cubbon Park

K.Sheshadri Iyer Statue, Cubbon ParkStatue of K.Sheshadri Iyer, in whose memory Iyer Hall is constructed.

Cubbon Park is known for the Historic and aesthetic buildings and statues of famous personalities. Originally known as Attarakacheri; a group of 18 ancient buildings; now houses the Karnataka State High Court. Iyer Hall with a rose garden in front, is another historic building, which now houses the State Central Library alias Seshadri Iyer Memorial Library.

Aquarium (the second largest in the country), Indira Priyadarshini Children’s Library, Venkatappa Art Gallery, YMCA, State Youth Center – Yuvanika, Press Club, Century Club, Jawahar Bal Bhavan, Tennis Pavilion, Cheshire Dyer Memorial Hall and the Ottawa Chatter are some of the other prominent buildings inside this Park.

How Do I Go to Sri Chamarajendra Park alias Cubbon Park?

Cubbon Park is located at the heart of Bangalore City. M.G. road, Kasturba road, Hudson circle and Ambedkar road are the main roads around the park.

Bengaluru (old name is Bangalore) is well connected by roads, trains and flight services to the rest of the country. Bengaluru City Junction Railway Station is the main railway station from where most of the train starts. Kempegowda International Airport is the new airport on the outskirts of Bengaluru city, at around 1 hour drive from Cubbon Park.

Murudeshwar Temple

Murudeshwar Temple is situated at Murudeshwar town in Uttara Kannada district of Karnataka state in India, on the Arabian sea coast. Murudeshwar Temple has the World’s second tallest Lord Shiva statue, with 123 feet height.

Kailashnath Mahadev Statue near to Kathmandu in Nepal is 143 feet high statue of Lord Shiva, which is the world’s tallest Lord Shiva statue.

Murudeshwar TempleView of Murudeshwar Temple

Murudeshwar Temple is situated on top of the “Kanduka Hill”, surrounded by Arabian sea on three sides. 20-storied, 249 feet, ‘Raja Gopuram’ of the temple, built in 2008 is one of the main attractions in the temple. You can go by lift to top of the Gopuram, which is the tallest Raja Gopuram (temple tower) in the world. The sight of the magnificent 123 feet tall Shiva idol, from the top of this Raja Gopuram is a magnificent sight, which you will never forget in your lifetime. There are many other smaller statues of other gods around the main Shiva statue.

You may check the official temple site,, for getting full information on the history of Murudeshwar Temple..

Gokarna temple is a nearby famous temple and Gokarna hotels are there for those interested in staying there.

How Do I Go to Murudeshwar Temple?

Murdeshwar railway station with station code “MRDW” on the Konkan railway line is the nearest railway station to the Murudeshwar temple, at a distance of around 2 kilometers.

Mangalore city is at around 157 kilometers from Murudeshwar Temple, if you are traveling by NH17. Bangalore To Murudeshwar distance is around 480 kilometers. Mysore is at around 450 kilometers from Murudeshwara Temple.

What About Murudeshwar Hotels?

There are many hotels in and around Murudeshwar temple. Kamat Homestay and Hotel, Kamath Yatri Nivas Hotel, Mavalli Beach Heritage Hom, RNS Residency, Sea View Resort, Naveen Beach Resort, etc, are to name a few hotels near to Murudeshwar temple.