Chennai Mahabalipuram UNESCO World Heritage Site

Mahabalipuram is UNESCO World Heritage Site is near to Chennai (old name Madras) in the state of Tamilnadu in India. There are  with many historic monuments consisting of monolithic and cave rock cut carvings, portraying events from the major Indian epic Mahabharatha, built between 7th and 9th centuries. Mahabalipuram is also known as Mamallapuram.

Chennai Mahabalipuram UNESCO World Heritage Site

Mahabalipuram UNESCO World Heritage Site is on the Bay of Bengal sea coast at a distance of around 60 kilometers from Chennai on the Chennai – Pondicherry East Coast Road (ECR). It was once the port city of famous Pallava kingdom.

Magnificent burial urns and jars with burials dating to the start of first century A.D.  were discovered from near by areas of Mamallapuram. A.D. 4th century Chinese and Roman coins were also found in Mahabalipuram. Mamallapuram city is believed to have been built in the 7th century A.D. by the great Pallava king Narasimhavarman.

There is also an ancient shore temple on the sea coast which also belongs to the same period mentioned above.

How Do I Go to Chennai Mahabalipuram?

Mahabalipuram alias Mamallapuram is easily accessible by road. Mamallapuram is around 60 kilometers from Chennai and is around one hour drive from the city outskirts on the East Coast Road (ECR Road – State Highway No 49) which runs along the coast of Tamilnadu from Chennai to Thoothukudi (old name Tuticorin). This road is being expanded to Kanyakuari or Cape Comorin via Thiruchendur and Koodamkulam (where the nuclear power station has come up).

Chennai International airport is the nearest Airport to Mahabali puram alias Mamallapuram.

Chennai Central railway station, Chennai Egmore  and Chennai Tambaram are the nearest major railway stations  to Mamallapuram.