Talakaveri falls in Brahmagiri Hills

Talakaveri is considered as the source of the river Kaveri on the Brahmagiri hill (not on Brahmagiri range, which lies further south of Brahmagiri hills), in Karnataka state, India. Talakaveri is at an altitude of around 1,276 meters above sea level.

Talakaveri Temple.

Except during the Monsoon season, there is no flow of water is seen from this place. There is a temple dedicated to Goddess Kaveriamma. The temple has legend associated with Lord Ganesha and Sage Agastya; Sage held river Kavrei in a container while meditating and Lord Shiva tried to drink the water from it in the form of a crow. Sage Agastya tried to scare away the crow; But crow being divine toppled the container and water started to gush out. This flow of water is believed to be Kaveri river. (A few more twists and turns are there in the legend. )

Thousands of pilgrims comes to the temple on the first day of Tula Masa month (month according to south Indian calendar, which falls during mid-October) to witness the rise of the fountainhead (Kavrei river) from the spring at any moment.

Beside the temple, one can see the Brahmagiri hill. A series of steps takes you to the top of the hill. Once you reach the hill-top, you can have a 360 degree view of the Brahmagiri hills.

How do I go to Talakaveri?

Talakaveri can be reached from Bhagamandala, the nearest town at a distance of 8 kilometers. Madikeri, headquarters of Kodagu district, is at a distance of around 48 kilometers from Talakaveri .

Which are the Nearby Tourist places to Talakaveri?

Namdroling Monastery at Bylakuppe (at 86 kilometers distance) and Triveni Sangama alias Kaveri Sangam (where Kaveri River, Kabini River and Hemavati River confluence at Srirangapatna, 171 kilometers from Talakaveri) are some of the other nearby tourist places. Madikeri is a nearby hill station at an altitude of 3838 feet (1170 meters) above sea level.

Kodagu Alias Coorg Known for Whitewater Rafting & Coffee Plantations

Kodagu Alias Coorg; Coffee and Brave Warriors

Kodagu earlier known as Coorg, in Karnatake state, India is located on the Eastern Slopes of the Western Ghats sharing borders with Kerala districts Wyanad and Kannur. Madikeri, a hill station, is the head quarters of Kodagu alias Coorg district.

Kodagu hill station’s high-ranges is famous for its Coffee Plantations along with Eucalyptus and Vanilla. The Coorg valley is famous for its Ginger and Paddy. Spices like black pepper, cardamon, etc, are also cultivated hereg. Rubber, Coca, etc, are also found in plenty in Kodagu and surrounding hill areas.

Kodagu is famous for its amazing food and the hospitality of its people. Kodagu alias Coorg is also famous for its brave warriors.  India’s first Army Chief Field Marshal Kariappa was from Kodagu. Kodagu has its own language ‘Kodava’ even though there is no script for the language.

Two members of Legislative assembly to Karnataka State are elected from Kodagu; one each from two taluks (taluk is an administrative unit in India) of Kodagu.

Visiting Coorg, or Koadag as it is called now, is an experience one will never forget in his or her lifetime. October to April is the ideal time to visit Coorg hill station.

Which are the Nearby Tourist places to  Coorg

Namdroling Monastery or Bylekuppe Monastery

Namdroling Monastery or Bylekuppe Monastery title=Namdroling Monastery or Bylekuppe Monastery

Bylekuppe at around six kilometers from Kushalanagar, is one of the most famous Tibetan settlements in India. Namdroling Monastery alias Bylekuppe Monastery is a major Buddhist Monastery here. The Golden temple inside the Namdroling Monastery is a Buddhist temple. Golden statues of Guru Padmasambhava, Buddha Sakyamuni and Amityaus can be seen here.

Prayer rituals are conducted around 1 pm or so. Prayer wheels and the shrine should be circled with the right hand in clockwise direction. It is the largest teaching center for the Nyingma lineage of Tibetan Buddhism. It is situated on the Madikeri-Mysuru road, after crossing the Kaveri River Bridge.

Dubare Elephant Camp and River Rafting

Dubare elephant camp and river rafting is at around 15 kilometers from Kushalnagar. It is very famous among tourists to Koorg and is situated inside reserve forests. Here you can go for elephant ride (in the morning and evenings only). Dubare water rafting is allowed all through the day. It is shallow waters.

Barapole River Rafting

Barapole river which originates in the Brahmagiri range in south Coorg,  also offers excellent Whitewater rafting and is very popular among tourists to  Coorg. There are many places in and around Kodagu, offering Whitewater rafting. Kayaking and  Rappelling facilities are also available in Kodagu and its surrounding areas.

Nisargadhama Island

28 kilometers from Madikeri is the famous 64 acre Nisargadhama island, off the state highways, which can be reached by walking across a small hanging bridge (suspension bridge) over River Cauvery. Entry fee is INR 10.

Nisargadhama island has a beautiful garden, which is ideal for nature walk.  There is a small zoo, with deer(s), rabbits, peacocks,sparrows, etc.  Few tree top watchtowers are also there. You can take selfies here.

Nisargadhama island offers elephant safari.  Boating is also available here (both are separately charged).

Just outside of Nisargadhama, there are adventure activities like wall climbing, zip line ride, 3D glass maze.


Tadiandamol, is the highest mountain peak in Kodagu district and is famous among trekkers. Nalaknad palace at Tadiandamol foot hills is an important historical landmark near Kodagu; mapped during the Great Trigonometric Survey, carried out by the Survey of India in the 19th century.

Omkareshwara Temple

Omkareshwara temple is another major tourist center near to Coorg. This 200 year old Lord Shiva temple in Islamic and Gothic style of architecture looks similar to Taj Mahal.

Other Tourist Attractions

Madikeri Fort is another nearby tourist attraction.

Raja Tombs, an Islamic style tombs built by Hindu Kings, have deity’s of Lord Shiva being work-shipped. Igguthappa temple is one among the two sacred temple for Kodugas.

Raja’s seat, one of the most scenic location in south India, is a major sight seeing spot which offers panoramic view of the hills and valleys. Abbi fall is another beautiful place in Coorg. Tala cauvery, the place where river Cauvery originates, is at 44 kilometers from Madikeri. Every year water gushes out of a small pond here at a per-determined time and is a famous tourist and pilgrimage center.

How Do I Go to Coorg alias Kodagu?

Coorg is at a distance of 116 kilometers from Mysore. Bangalore alias Bengaluru is at a distance of 239 kilometers from Kodagu which takes around 5 hours drive. Nearest airport to Cooorg is at Mangalore, at around 135 kilometers distance. Bangalore is the nearest international airport to Coorg hill station.

Thalasserry railway station, with station code TLY, near to state’s border with Kerala, is the nearest railway station to Coorg at around 100 kilometers distance. Mysore, Mangalore, Hassan and other nearby railway stations stations connects Kodagu hill station to other parts of India.


When are you going to Kodagu Alias Coorg, famous for its beauty of nature and the famous Bylekuppe Monastery and the Buddhist Golden temple at Namdroling Monastery? Please leave your comments.