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Orissa Chilka Lagoon Lake

George Thiruvilakalayil George

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Orissa Chilka Lagoon Lake Sanderling Calidris Alba in Orissa Chilka Lagoon Lake, India.

Chilka Lagoon Lake is Asia’s largest brackish water lagoon in the east coastal line of Odisha state (or Orissa) in India.

Chilka Lagoon Lake is the second largest lagoon in the world. The Lagoon Lake is India’s first ‘wetland of International Importance’.

Chilka Lagoon Lake, the most beautiful natural scenery in Orissa, is spread over three districts of Odisha; namely Puri, Ganjam and Khurda. Chilka Lake in Odisha is situated in the mouth of Daya River which falls into the Bay of Bengal. Motto village connects the lagoon to the Bay of Bengal.

This Lake has an area of around 1165 square km in rainy season which shrinks by 150 square km in the dry season.

Chilka Lagoon Lake is also known as Chilika Lake. The Lake is separated from the sea by a strip of sand flats and marshy islands. These islands are occupied by fishermen families and are favored by tourists, which is accessible by boat journey from the land.

Chilka Lagoon Lake is rich in Aquatic Flora and fauna and is home to a large number of threatened plants and animals.

Chilika Lake’s largest island, Nalabana Island, is a bird sanctuary. Irrawady dolphins, which are endangered numbering around 150, are spotted off Satpada Island.

Orissa Chilka Lagoon Lake is one of the most prominent and important wet land in the world. It is the largest wet land in India for migratory birds in winter numbering around 160 species.

Chilika Lake’s largest island, Nalabana Island, is a bird sanctuary. Chilika Lake famous for fishing and related industries. Crabs, Prawns and Macrael are found in plenty in the Orissa’s Chilka Lake. Many fishermen live in the villages in and around the Chilka Lagoon Lake, Odisha.

How do I Go to Chilka Lagoon Lake?

Orissa Chilka Lagoon Lake is easily accessible by road from Bhuvaneswar, Puri and many other cities in Orissa. Many hotels by lagoon side are available.