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Ubbalamadugu Falls or Tada Falls

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Ubbalamadugu Falls or Tada Falls
Tada Falls (Ubbalamadugu Falls) is a beautiful waterfall, located to the North of Sricity in the Chittoor district.

Tada Falls also known as Ubbalamadugu Falls or Kambakam Falls is in the  Buchinaidu kandriga and Varadaiahpalem mandals in Chittoor District of Andhra Pradesh State in India.

Tada Falls alias Ubbalamadugu Falls is a beautiful water fall inside the Kaambakam forest.  One has to walk around 3 kilometers inside the forests to go to the falls as motor-able roads are not there.

Which is the ideal time to go to Ubbalamadugu Falls or Tada Falls?

The ideal time to visit Ubbalamadugu Falls aTada Fallsis mid October to February after the monsoon starts. Trekking, hiking,etc are allowed at Ubbalamadugu Falls.

How do I go to Ubbalamadugu Falls or Tada Falls?

Tada Falls is well connected by roads and it is around 80 kilometers from Chennai and 35 kilometers from the famous Kalahasti temple.

Ubbalamadugu Falls or Tada Falls is an ideal Indian weekend getaways or picnic spot for Chennai City residents.