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Goa’s Beaches, Churches, World Heritage Sites

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Goa’s Beaches, Churches, World Heritage Sites are a Tourist’s Paradise in the Arabian Sea Coast  of India.

Goa is geographically the smallest state in India and is bounded by Maharashtra and Karnataka states. The state is the richest state in terms of GDP per capita in India.

Goa's Beaches, Churches, World Heritage Sites
Francis Xavier’s Tomb in Bom Jesus Basilica, Goa, India.

Panaji is the capital city and ‘Vasco da Gama’ is the largest city. It was a Portuguese colony from 15th century till 1961, when it became part of India as a Union territory. In the year 1987 this state became an independent state of India.

The state has two UNESCO declared World Heritage Sites; the Bom Jesus Basilica and Churches and convents of Old Goa. The Bom Jesus Basilica has the mortal remains of Saint Francis Xavier. There are many other churches that attracts lot of tourists.

The state is one of the main tourist centers in India, visited by local and international tourists. Year-end is the peak tourist season here.

Dudhsagar Falls on Karnataka Border is one of the most beautiful water falls, at around 60 kilometers away from the Capital city, Panaji.

The rock art engravings in and around the state, indicates its rich cultural heritage dating back to more than 20000 years.

Climate is that of tropical monsoon. It is hot and humid during most of the year, except during monsoon season.

There are many restaurants at the waterfront serving to the tastes of local and international tourist. These waterfront restaurants serves traditional food as well as local dishes.

How Do I Go  Goa’s Beaches, Churches, & World Heritage Sites?

Goa is well connected by roads. Four National highways of India passes through the state.

Goa is well connected by railway network to the rest of India. Indian railways and Konkan railways connects Panaji, the capital city, with other parts of the country. 

Goa International Airport connects the state with the rest of the world.

There is also a catamaran service connecting Mumbai and Goa.