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Kone Falls Chennai Weekend Getaways

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Kone Falls or Kailasakona falls as is known officially, is a Chennai Weekend Getaways – Kone falls which can be spelled as Kona falls  is a small water fall situated near to Puthur (also spelled as Puttur) in Chittoor District of Andhra Pradesh state, India. Kone falls has emerged as a Chennai Weekend Getaways.

Puttur is very famous for ‘Puthur Kettu’ , equivalent of Orthopedic plastering/Surgery, which is very popular in the neighboring regions of Tamilnadu, AndhraPradesh and Karnataka states. Hundreds of people go to Puthur everyday to get their fracture set right.

There is a small fall with just 2 or 3 feet height and a small pond at around 1 kilometers ahead of the the main falls on your way. The pond has a depth of only 2 to 4 feet and is very popular among the tourists to kone falls. The small pool is cool and gets fresh water from the small fall at one corner of the pool. One can bath or swim inside this pool. This pond and the fall can be accessed by walking around 10 minutes from the main road, which is hardly 150 meters from the road to the main falls. This small falls can be easily accessed by people of all ages. Its not safe at night as there are snakes on the path to the pond.

Those who are adventurous can go for trekking to the top of a nearby small hill, situated close to the above mentioned pond. Another fall and pond exists here. Overflowing water from this pond forms the first falls (and the pond) mentioned in previous paragraph, which is about 15 feet below the top pond.

The main falls having a height of anywhere between 60 to 100 feet or so, is around one kilometers from the above mentioned falls. There is a Lord Shiva and Parvati temple at the foot of the falls. You need to cross the temple to go to the falls. A group of 4 or 5 people can bath at the main falls simultaneously. The main fall and the temple can be easily accessed by walking around 100 meters or so from the parking lot. Its safe to walk at night, as there are lights on your way to the main falls and the temple. Its advisable to carry an alternate source of light like a torch light or mobile with light, in case the power supply fails.

Kone Falls is also known as Konai Falls and is an ideal tourist location for those interested in going for a day’s picnic from Chennai.

Famous Temples near to Kone Falls, a Chennai Weekend Getaways

Famous Kalahasti Shiva temple which was originally built by the great Pallava kings and later renovated by the Great Chola Kings Kulothunga Cholan I, II & III in the 11th century, is very close to Kone falls; near to Uthukottai. Kalahasti Temple is the World’s only temple which is open on Solar and Lunar Eclipses. The world famous Tirupathi Lord Venkateshwara temple is also close to Kone Falls. Varadaiahpalem Oneness Temple is another famous temple nearby, which is having the largest meditation hall in Asia without pillars.

How Do I Go to Kone Falls, a Chennai Weekend Getaway?

If you are traveling from Chennai (previously known as Madras), Kone Falls  can be reached via Red Hills, Periyapalayam, Uthukotai. It is 10 kilometers ahead of Puthur. While coming from Chennai, take left immediately after the sign board which says ‘Puthur 10 KMS’ (sign board is on the right side of the road). The road to falls is a single lane road and there is a rectangle shaped concrete arch put up by Harita Hotel (A.P. Tourism department hotel on the hills very close to the main fall), at the entrance of the road. If you have missed the road to the falls, take a U-turn when you see the bridge. (The second bridge on your way from Uttukottai to Puthur. The first bridge may be around 20 to 30 feet in length, while the second one is a larger one.)

Kailasakona falls  is around 100 kilometers from Chennai city and takes around 2.25 hours drive from Chennai. There are buses available up to the main road, from where you may go by a share auto.

Tada Falls alias Kambakam falls or Ubbalamadugu falls is a nearby beautiful fall at around 12 kilometers distance from Varadaiahpalem town.