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Palamau Tiger Reserve

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Palamau Tiger Reserve is the lone tiger reserve (where Tigers are spotted recently) in the state of Jharkhand and is one among the nine original tiger reserves in India.

Palamau Tiger Reserve is spread over an area of 1,129.93 square kilometers (436 sq miles) in Latehar and Garhwa Districts and was declared as a Tiger reserve in 1974. Core area of the Tiger reserve is spread over 414.93 square kilo meters and the buffer area consists of 650 square kilo meters. Palamau Tiger Reserve is part of the Famous Betla National Park and is a Project Tiger reserve for Bengal tigers.

Apart from Tigers, Palamau Tiger Reserve has Elephants, Leopards, Sambars, Gaurs and Wild Dogs.

One male Tiger and five female Tiger are there in Palamau Tiger Reserve, as per the 2012 counting (undertaken using DNA to prevent over-counting). As per the 1974 count, there were 50 Tigers in the Tiger Reserve. As per 2007 count, there were 17 Tigers. As per Forest department, the core area of the Tiger reserve is inaccessible due to difficult terrain and the Naxalite presence and hence an accurate count is not possible.

North Koel River, a sub-tributary of Ganga River, runs through the Palamau Tiger Reserve. Over 140 species of birds are sighted in the Palamau reserve forests. Two white vultures were spotted in the Tiger reserve at Palamau in 2013, after a gap of nearly 10 years.

How do I go to Palamau Tiger Reserve?

Palamau Tiger Reserve near Latehar can be reached by taking National Highway 39. It takes around one and a half hours to travel from Latehar to the tiger reserve to cover the 65 kilometers distance by road.