About Us

touristinindia.com is a web site dedicated to Tourist Destinations in India. If you plan to travel in India or visit India as a tourist, touristinindia.com web site has the required information.

Hill stations, beaches, waterfalls, forts, historical buildings and palaces, religious places including pilgrimage centers, tourism related trains and buses which operates specific sightseeing package tours, etc, are all covered across different pages.

For all destinations, the distance from the nearest cities, railway stations, air ports, etc, are also given. For certain destinations, which are accessible only during a particular season or month, the best time to visit those places are also given.  There is also a post which has details of Visa Requirements for those who need Indian Visa. That post has visa information on almost all countries of the world.

To summarize, Tourist India covers almost all places related to tourist destinations in India.