Bhaja Caves

Bhaja Caves area group of 22 rock-cut Buddhist caves at Bhaja, near Lonavala in Maaharastra state of India. These caves dates back to the 2nd century BC. Bhaja is part of the ancient trade route connecting Arabian sea and the Deccan Plateau.

Bhaja Caves

These Caves are also known as Bhaje caves. There are a number Buddhist Stupas (stupas are relics of Buddhist monks of those times), numbering 14, in the area. Five Stupas are inside the caves while the remaining 9 are outside the caves. These Caves share their architectural design with the Karla Caves. These cave temples at Bhaja are protected as National Monuments by the Archaeological Survey of India (ASI).

Wooden Ceiling in Main Chaitygruha inside the Cave

Bhaja Cave XII is built in wooden architecture and there is a vaulted horseshoe ceiling. Cave XVIII has a verandah in front with many pillars. The carving in these caves depicts a woman playing tabla ( a very ancient Indian percussion instrument) and another woman, performing dance. There is a waterfall near the last cave.

How Do I Go to Bhaja Caves?

These Caves are near to Lonavala town in Maaharastra state of India and is easily accessible by road, train, flight, etc. There is a railway station with code LNL at Lonavala. Pune is the nearest MAJOR city with railway station and International airport.

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