Bhadrachalam Temple of Lord Rama

Bhadrachalam is a small town in Khammam District, Telangana state, India. It is a pilgrimage town for the Hindus as Bhadrachalam Temple, or Lord Sree Sita Ramachandra Swamy Temple as it is called officially, a Lord Rama temple is situated here on the banks of Godavari river.

Bhadrachalam Temple at night

Bhadrachalam Temple is famous for the wedding anniversary celebrations of Lord Rama & his consort Goddess Sita takes place here on Rama Navami day(a Hindu festival day). Bhadrachalam is closesly linked with the Great Hindu Epic, Ramayana. Goddess Sita and Lakshmana (brother of Lord Rama or Sri Rama) were believed to have stayed near to Bhadrachalam at Parnasala. Lord Rama is believed to have crossed Godavari river on his way to Sri Lanka (to rescue Goddess Sita from Ravana), at the spot where the current Bhadrachalam temple stands, Kabirdas, a famous 15th century Indian saint & mystic poet is also associated with this temple.

Kancharla Gopanna, a Tahasildar and a 17th century saint composer is believed to have constructed the Bhadrachalam temple, with treasury funds. Knowing this the Sultan (King) imprisoned him at the Golconda Fort for 12 years. It is it believed that Lord Rama mystically returned the 6 lakh Mohurs, money spent by Gopanna to the King, exposing themselves as Ramoji and Laxmoji. Gopanna became Bhadrachala Ramadasa, who has composed many songs in praise of God Rama.

How Do I Go to Bhadrachalam Temple?

Bhadrachalam Temple is at a distance of 312 kilometers east of Hyderabad, the capital of Telungana state. There is a state government bus station here. ‘Bhadrachalam Road’ railway station is the nearest railway station to the temple town at a distance of around 40 kilometers. Dornakal Junction at 105 kilometers distance, is another major railway station which is well connected with other parts of the country. Rajahmundry Airport is the nearest airport to this Lord Rama Temple at around 180 kilometers away.