Bhadra Wildlife Sanctuary Safari Near Chikkamagaluru

Bhadra Wildlife Sanctuary is a protected Project Tiger reserve forest, near Chikkamagaluru town in Karnataka state, India.

An Indian tiger at Bhadra wildlife Sanctuary.

Situated at an altitude which varies from 615 meters (2,018 feet) to 1,875 meters (6,152 feet), this wildlife sanctuary is very popular for its day outings. Hebbe Giri, Mullayanagiri, Gangegiri and Bababudangiri hills are some of the scenic hills inside the wildlife sanctuary. The sanctuary is famous among the nature photographers. Its also a paradise for wildlife explorer and wildlife photographer community.

Bhadra wild life Sanctuary is known for its rich flora and fauna. Apart from 33 royal Bengali Indian Tigers, Bhadra Tiger reserve has many beasts of the Jungle, which includes elephant, sloth bear, gaur, wild boar, black leopard, etc. Some of the other Fauna inside the forests includes jackal, jungle cat, wild dog, sambar, mouse deer, spotted deer, barking deer, common langur, slender loris, , common palm civet, small Indian civet, bonnet macaque, pangolin, porcupine, Malabar giant squirrel, flying squirrel,etc. Bhadra wildlife sanctuary safari is very popular with tourists.

Hebbe Falls with a height of 551 feet or 168 meters, is at the eastern part of the sanctuary. Manikyadhara Falls on the sacred Baba Budan Giri Hill, is another fall which lies close to the wildlife sanctuary. The scenic Bhadra River passes through the wildlife sanctuary cum project tiger reserve.

How Do I Go to Bhadra Wildlife Sanctuary?

Bhadra Wildlife Sanctuary is at around 38 kilometers North-West of Chikkamagaluru town, in Karnataka state. The nearest airport to the wildlife sanctuary is located at Mangalore, at around 163 kilometers distance.

Bhadravthi, Birur, Shimoga and Tarikere are some of other nearby cities. Bhadravthi railway station with code BDVT and Birur Junction railway station with station code RRB, are connected by railway network to the rest of the country.

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