Bateshwar temples – Group of around 200 Hindu Temples and their Ruins

Bateshwar temples are a group of around 200 Hindu temples and their ruins, made of sandstone. They are spread across the norther region of Madhya Pradesh state in India. Their architecture is that of the Gurjara-Pratihara dynasty period.

Ruins of Bateshwar Group of Temples. This photo of Madhya Pradesh is courtesy of TripAdvisor

Bhuteshvar Temple is the largest of all such temples. Hence the name Bateshwar temples or Batesvar temples or Batesara temples. 

All of the Batesara temples were believed to be destroyed during the 13th century. In 1882, Alexander Cunningham found them and reported it. It was notified as a protected site in 1920, by the Archaeological Survey of India.

Archaeological Survey of India undertook reconstruction of the damaged temple in 2005.  KK Muhammad, an official from Archaelogical Survey of India, played the lead role in this project. He had to  face many a problems, including that of Chambal bandits. He was able to overcome those problems.  He is still working on the restoration of remaining temples. Many a Batesvar temples, numbering around 80 temples, are now restored.

Bateshwar temples are dedicated to Lord Shiva, Lord Vishnu and Shakti, which are considered as the the three major traditions within Hinduism. These temples were built in-between 8th and the 10th centuries. There are quite a few stepped water tanks too, near the temples.

Bateshwar temples were constructed during the reign of Gurjara-Pratihara dynasty or Pratihara Empire. They are refereed to as Dharon or Paravali in in historical literature. Later on, these sites came to be known as Padavali.

As the temples and nearby areas are yet to be developed as a tourist area, lot of birds can be seen here. Peacocks, kingfishers, etc, can be seen freely roaming or flying  around the temples.

How Do I Go to Bateshwar temples?

Batesvar temples are at a distance of 35 kilometers  north of Gwalior city. It is also at a distance of 30 kilometers east of Morena city.

Rethorakalan Railway Station is the nearest railway station, at around 4 kilometers distance from the main temple. Sanichara, Malanpur, Nurabad, Banmor, Bhadroli, Nonera, Sank, Rayaru, Bamour Gaon, etc, are some of the other nearby railway stations within a distance of 10 kilometers from Bateshwar temples or Batesvar temples or Batesara temples.

The nearest major airport to the Batesara temples is at Gwalior. It is at the Maharajpur Air Force Station, which is situated 10 kilometers north-east of Gwalior city.

Archaeological Museum at Morena

There is an Archaeological Museum at Morena town. It has lot of sculptures, unearthed from various sites in the region.

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