The Oldest Surviving Religious Structures Dedicated to Future Buddha (Maitreya Buddha) at Basgo Buddhist Monastery

Maitreya Buddha statue with a height of 14 meters is located at Basgo monastery or Basgo gompa. It is situated near to Ladakh, India. This Buddhist monastery  is situated on the Himalayas. This monastery was established by  Namgyal dynasty rulers in 1680.
Basgo Buddhist Monastery or Basgo Gompa

Basgo gompa was the cultural and political center of the Namgyals. This place is rich in culture and heritage. It is one of the unexplored gems of Ladakh. The monastery overlooks the ruins of an ancient city.

View of sunset from the monastery is stunning. You can see the basking Himalayan mountains.

Basgo Buddhist monastery is famous for the Buddha statue and murals paintings. There are three Temples Chamchung, Chamba Lakhang and Serzang; dedicated to Maitreya Buddha  inside the monastery. These temples were built during the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries. It is made up of mud bricks.  14 meter tall Maitreya Buddha statue is the tallest one among the statues here.

The interior walls of these temples have mural paintings, depicting the life of Lord Buddha and others, who helped in building these temples.

These temples are the oldest surviving religious structures dedicated to Maitreya Buddha (Buddha of the future).

The monastery  and the temples were damaged due to old age. The mural paintings, statues and the floors were damaged. Repair works were carried out in the last decade. These temples are now almost back to its original state. Boundary walls were also constructed for the temples.

Hemis National Park and Hemis monastery are situated close to the the  Basgo Monastery. The nearby monasteries like Hemis Monastery and local people are also dedicated to the cause of preservation of the temples inside Basgo gompa.

How Do I Go to the Buddhist Monastery, Basgo Gompa?

Jammu city is at around  650 kilometers away. The nearest railway station is at Jammu.

Srinagar city is at around 380 kilometers away. This road passes through Kargil, the site of the conflict between India and Pakistan during the 1999 Kargil war or Operation Vijay.

Basgo gompa is at around 42 kilometers from Leh, the largest city and administrative headquarters of  Ladakh district.

Manali is at around 500 kilometers away from the monastery.

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