Archaeological Monuments at Sirpur

Sirpur is a small town on the banks of river Mahanadi in the district of Mahasmand in Chattisgarh state of India. Sirpur is famous for its Archaeological Monuments dating back to 5th century A.D.

Sirpur Lakshman temple. Photo Source : Creative commons Licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0 Photo uploaded by Theasg sap.

Sirpur was previously known as Shripur and was the capital of South Kosal kingdom. Laxman temple, a magnificent 7th century brick made Hindu temple, dedicated to Lord Vishnu, is the major attraction at the archeological site. The Laxman temple at Sirpur is built on a massive platform with steps on South and North sides. The Laxman temple is one of the best brick temples of ancient India. This temple and its surroundings are rich with other ancient historical monuments. There is a museum inside the Laxman temple premises, which is run by the The Archaeological Survey of India. There is a Ram temple close to the Laxman temple.

Anand Prabhu Kuti Vihar is a Buddist monument built by Bhikshu Anand Prabhu, a follower of Gautham Buddha. It is made up of 14 rooms and there is a six feet statue of Gautham Buddha, touching the earth, can be seen here.

Swastik Vihara is another Buddhist Vihar which was recently excavated near to the Anand Prabhu Kuti Vihar.

Gandheswar Shiva temple is another historical temple on the banks of Mahanadi river. This temple also is rich with its historical remains and ‘Shiva Leela’ pictures.

There are a total of 12 Buddh Viharas and 1 Jain Vihara at Sirpur. Monolithic statues of Lord Mahavira and Buddha are also seen here. 22 Shiva temples and 5 Vishnu temples are also there.

Sirpur is a paradise for those looking for Archaeological Monuments in India. Huien Tsang, the famous 7th century Chinese traveler had visited Sirpur and written about the monuments here. Most of these historical monuments were believed to have been destroyed due to a major earth quake in the 12th century A.D. This has resulted in devastation of massive historical buildings into heaps of clay and stone. What remains now are still the pride of the India, and the region.

How Do I to Go to Sirpur’s Archaeological Monuments site?

Sirpur’s Archaeological Monuments site is at around 85 kilo meters distance from state capital city of Raipur. Raipur is well connected to other parts of India by road, railways and airways network.

Raipur Swami Vivekananda Airport is the nearest airport to the Sirpur’s Archaeological Monuments site.

Mahashmund railway station is the nearest railway station to Sirpur on the Raipur-Waltair line. This is a small station. “Raipur Junction” is the nearest Major Railway Station which is on the Howrah (Kolkotta) – Nagpur – Mumbai railway line. Station code of Raipur is “R”. (Yes; Its a single alphabet code, which is rare among Indian railway stations.)

Some of the National Highways that connects Raipur with other parts of India are NH6 (Gujrat – West Bengal), NH 43 (Andhra Pradesh – Chhattisgarh ), NH 217 (Chhattisgarh – Odisha).