Vinay Vilas Mahal or City Palace and State Museum at Alwar

Vinay Vilas Mahal or City Palce at Alwar in Rajasthan state, India, is a magnificent palace which was built in 1793 CE, by Raja Bakhtawar Sing.
State museum inside Vinay Vilas Mahal (City Palace) at Alwar

This ancient palace is a fusion of Rajputana and Islamic architectural styles. The city palace has marble pavilions on lotus shaped base in the courtyard. There is a golden Durbar hall in the palace.

The palace houses the state museum. It has a good collection of manuscripts. One such ancient manuscript depicts the life of Emperor Babur. Among other items on display are Ragamala paintings and miniatures. Ancient swords that once belonged to Emperor Akbar, Emperor Aurangzeb and Muhammad Ghori are also on display at Alwar Government Museum. Writings and Paintings on palm leaves by scholars, kings, etc, are on display at this local museum. This ancient museum was started in 1908.

Vinay Vilas Maha has been converted into a District Administrative office. It houses the District Court offices also.

Alwar fort or Bala Qilla as is known, is situated in the Aravali Mountain Ranges in Alwar town. This fort  has never been  conquered nor invaded by any kings.

How Do I Go to Vinay Vilas Mahal at Alwar?

Vinay Vilas Mahal is centrally located with frequent bus services to other parts of the city.

Alwar Junction railway station under Jaipur railway division (on the New Delhi – Jaipur railway line), is situated at around 4 kilometers from the city palace. AWR is the station code for Alwar.

New Delhi Airport is the nearest airport at around 143 kilometers away. Jaipur Airport is  at around 165 kilometers away from Alwar.

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