Kavualedurga Fort – A Ninth Century Fort in Karnataka

Kavualedurga Fort is a  ninth century fort located at around 18 kilometers distance from Thirthahalli Town in Shimoga district, Karnataka state, India.
Kavualedurga Fort
Kavualedurga Fort.   Image source Wikimedia / Wikipedia.

Kavualedurga Fort was constructed during the 9th century. Cheluvarangappa, a feudatory  under the Vijayaanagara emperor,  renovated this fort in the 14th century.

Venkatappa Nayaka (1582-1629) fortified the place. He constructed a palace,treasury, granary, ponds and stables for elephants and horses. A portion of the fort was made as an Agrahara (attached to Sringeri Math).

Kavualedurga fort a has three lined walls, which were made of massive granite slabs. Each fortification has separate gateway with by rooms for guards on either side. In between the three fortifications you can find temples, a ruined palace site and other structures which looks like basement of some ruined building.

At the top of the hill, almost at the middle of the fort, overlooking the Arabian sea, you can find a small temple which is known as Shikhareshvara or Srikanthesvara temple. The temple has a Garbhagriha (sanctum sanctorum). A Nandi sculpture (bull), a mantapa (hall)  and an entrance porch can be seen at the temple site.  View of sunset from the entrance porch is amazing.

The palace site is one among the most visited sites in Shimoga district. This site has an ornate basement which shows proof of a large terraced structure. Recent studies in the area has shown a  series of interconnected rooms around a spacious inner quadrangle.  Pillared roofed platform along the outside of a house (verandah), a pooja room (prayer room), kitchen with five burners, stone platform in the bath room were found here.

A well developed water supply system existed in the fort. There is a closed pathway (verandah) which  leads to the  stepped water tank

How Do I Go to Kavualedurga Fort?

Kavualedurga Fort is at a distance of around 18 kilometers from Thirthahalli town. National Highway 13  passed through Thirthahalli road, which is the access point to the Thirthahalli town.

Shimoga railway station is the nearest one at around 87 kilometers from the fort. This station is connected to Bangalore and Mysore by direct trains. Udupi and  Mangalore  are two  nearest railway stations at around 95 and 142 kilometers distance receptively, for those coming from North India.

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