Easiest and Magnificent Trekking – Triund Hill Trekking

Triund Hill Trekking is very popular among trekkers in India. Triund hills are situated near Dharamsala, the spiritual capital of Buddhism. These hills are situated on the lap of Dhauladhar mountain ranges at an altitude of 2,842 meters.

Triund Hill Trekking routeTriund Hill Trekking route

The trekking path is full of rhododendrons (a woody plant which is either evergreen or deciduous). It is better to go when rhododendrons flowers. The forests here is full of oak and deodar trees.

Triund offers spectacular view of the dhauladhar mountains on one side and kangra valley on the other.

Triund Trekking is suitable for people of all ages and is not very risky. The first 5 kilometers are quite easy to trek. the last one kilometer or so is slightly tiring. 22 curves are there in the last one kilometers. Refreshments are available on the trekking path, though it may cost higher at these shops.

There is a Forest department guest house also at the top of the hills, which should be booked in advance, as there are only 6 rooms here.  Booking can be done at the state forest department office, situated opposite to Dharamsala police station.

Triund campsiteTriund campsite

There are trekking operators who offer Triund trekking package tours. You have the option of returning on the same day or staying overnight at the Triund camping tents put up by trekking operators, on top of the hills.

Trekking to Triund should be avoid during the snowfall season; i.e. during the months of January and February.

How Do I Go for Triund Hill Trekking?

Dharamsala alias Mcleodganj is the nearest major town to Triund hills.

Route 1 – Galu Devi temple is the starting point in this route for trekking to Triund hills. You can hire a cab  or walk from Dharamkot or Mcleodganj to Galu Devi temple. It takes around four hours to reach the top. Mcleodganj to Triund trekking is the most popular trekking route.

Route 2- Bhagsu Nag waterfall is the starting point in this route for trekking to Triund hills.  This route is a little more tougher than the first route and chances of getting lost are higher in this route. It may be better to engage the services of a guide, if you prefer to go by this route.

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