Nameri National Park & Tiger Reserve

Nameri National Park and Tiger Reserve is  is situated at Sonitpur District, Assam, India. It is also a habitat for Indian elephants.

Wild Elephant inside Nameri National Park
A Wild Elephant inside Nameri National Park

This wildlife park is spread over 200 square kilometers. Nameri National Park is contiguous to  Pakhui Wildlife Sanctuary on the northern side.

Jia Bhoroli river  passes through Nameri Tiger reserve.  Angling (fishing using fishing rods) is a famous activity in this river. Golden mahseer is found in large numbers in this river. This river is called Kameng River in the state of Arunachal Pradesh.  This river was earlier known as Bhareli River. Jia Bhoroli  is the name of the river in the state of Assam.

The dense forests of Nameri National Park are rich in flora. There are  around 600 species of plants here in this wildlife sanctuary. Many varieties of orchid plants  are also found here.

This wildlife park is also rich in fauna. This is a ‘project tiger’ reserve. This project is aimed at saving Bengali Tigers or Benal Tigers, a  species of tiger found mainly in the Indian sub-continent.

This reserve forests are habitat to a large number of Elephants.  A large number of other species of wild animals are also found here in these forests. Around 300 bird species are also found in this wildlife park.

Cattle grazing is major cause of human-animal conflict in this forest.

How Do I Go to Nameri National Park?

Nameri National Park is at a distance of 9 kilometers from Chariduar, the nearest village.

Tezpur, river Brahmaputra,  is the nearest city, at a distance of around 38 kilometer from this wildlife sanctuary. the railway station code for Tezpur railway station is TZTB.  Salonibari Airport or Tezpur Airport is the nearest airport at a distance of around 32 kilometers. This small airport is connected to Guwahati and  Kolkata. Guwahati  is at around 220 kilometers away from this protected forests.

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  1. Looks like Nameri National Park is a great place for watching elephants! I should definitely consider visiting it the next time I’m in India! Thanks for sharing!

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