Cracking The Secrets Behind Panch Kedar Pilgrimage to Madhyamaheshwar Temple

Madhyamaheshwar temple is a famous  Lord Shiva temple, situated at an altitude of 3497 meters (11,473 feet) above sea level  in Garhwal Himalayas of Uttarakhand state in India.  Surrounded by alpine meadows and snow filled Himalayas, this temple attracts a lot of pilgrims. It is the fourth temple to be visited among five temples of Panch Kedar pilgrimage tour.
Madhyamaheshwar Temple Trek
Madhyamaheshwar Temple.

Stomach (nabhi), the middle portion of a bull, which is considered as a divine form of God Shiva, is work-shipped at this temple. This deity is believed to be built during the time of Pandavas, the great heroes of the great epic, Mahabharata.

Secret Behind Panch Kedar Pilgrimage

Panch Kedar pilgrimage includes visiting five Lord Shiva temples. They are Kedarnath temple, Tungnath temple, Rudranath temple, Madhyamaheshwar temple  and Kalpeshwar temple to be visited in the same order, all located in Garhwal Himalayas.

It is believed that  to atone for the sins of killing Kauravas (Pandavas cousins) and  the priest class during the epic Mahabharata war, Pandavas begged for God Shiva’s pardon. God Shiva was annoyed at the behavior of Pandavas during the Kurukshetra war.

To avoid  Pandavas, Lord Shiva took the form of a bull (nahdi) and went to Garhwal Himalayas. Pandavas saw this bull gazing there .They tried to hold this bull by its tail and hind legs. The bull all of a sudden disappeared and reappeared as five parts of a bull at Panch Kedar temples.

Hump  is work-shipped at Kedarnath temple. Arms (bahu) are work shipped at Tungnath temple. Face is work shipped at Rudranath temple. Stomach (nabhi) is work-shipped at  Madhyamaheswar temple and hair (jada) at Kalpeshwar temple.

How Do I Go to Madhyamaheshwar Temple alias Madmaheshwar Temple?

Madmaheshwar  Mandir (Mandir means temple) is situated in Mansoona village, which is not connected by roads. Ransi Village is the nearest village up to which roads are available.

The nearest railway station is at Dehradun, around 230 kilometers distance. From Dehradun you can hire a cab reach Ransi village. From Ransi village, you need to trek around 16 kilometers to reach Madhyamaheshwar temple.

The nearest airport is Joly Grant airport at DehraDun.

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