Reasons Why You Should Visit Amarkantak Temple For Your Next Vacation

Amarkantak temple is a 11th century temple at the confluence of the Vindhya and Satpura mountain ranges in Madhya Pradesh state, India. Its poplar Hindu pilgrimage center. This temple architecture exhibits a unique style of architecture, prevalent in those times. This temple is situated at an altitude of around 3500 feet in the Maikal Hills.
Amarkantak temple
Amarkantak temple on the Madhya Pradesh – Chhattisgarh state border

This region is a heritage center and ancient temples of Kalachuri period can be seen here. Many of the temples here are known for the temple carvings.  Sri Yantra Maha Meru Temple or Shri Yantra Mandir is one among such places to visit in Amarkantak. It has a four-face facade with superb carvings.

Narmada kund temples
One Ancient Temple at Narmada Udgam or Narmadama Kund

The dense forests here is the source of the many rivers. Holy Narmada River originates from Narmada Kund at Mai Ki Bagiya here at  Amarkantak.  As per Hindu mythology,  holy river Narmada descended from heaven at Narmada Udgam or Narmadama Kund. There are around 12 temples near Narmada Kund.

This region is  part of Achanakmar Wildlife Sanctuary. This area is also famous for medicinal pants and herbs. Sonmuda is the place where  Son River originates. It is at a distance of around 2 kilometers from Narmada Kund. Johila River also originate in this region.

How Do I Go to Amarkantak Temple?

Pendra Railway station is the nearest railway station to this temple, at around 38 kilometers distance. Anuppur is a nearby railway station at around 79 kilometers away. Bilaspur is the major nearby railway station at around 118 kilometers distance. Rewa is at around 270 kilometers distance. There are buses to Amarkantak from nearby major cities like Jabalpur, Rewa, etc.

Jabalpur airport or Dumna Airport is a nearest airport at around 217 kilometers away. Raipur airport is also a nearby airport, at almost the same distance.

Tourist Places Near Amarkantak Temple

Kapildhara is a 100 feet high beautiful falls at a distance of around 8 kilometers from Narmada Kund. It is believed that the Rishi (Saint) Kapil used to mediate here. There is a beautiful garden situated very close to this falls. (Dhara means constant flow)

Dudh dhara is a small fall at a distance of 1 kilometers from Kapiladhara. Dugdha Dhara and Shambu Dhara are two nearby falls.

Duni Pani is a hot water spring here, which is believed to have powers to cure fatal diseases!

15th century poet Kabir is believed to have meditated at Kabir Chabutra, also known as the platform of Kabir. It is also situated in this historic town of Amarkantak.

Bhrigum Mandal is situated deep inside the forests, where Rishi (saint) Bhrigum is believed to have meditated. You need to trek a very difficult terrain to reach BhrigumMandal.

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