Toranmal Hill Station on the Satpura Range of Mountains and Gorakhnath Temple

Toranmal is a hill station is hill station located in the Satpura Range of Mountains in Nandurbar district, Maharashtra state, India.

Toranmal View Point
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The hill station is a small plateau. From south to north of this plateau, a stream feeds two lakes; Yashawant Lake and Lotus Lake. Lotus lake got its name because of the lotus flowers, which covers a large portion of the lake.

Gorakhnath Temple is located in this hill station. This temple is famous for the Mahashivratri Yatra, which is attended by thousands of devotees. Devotees from Maharashtra and its neighboring states walk barefoot for days and reach Gorakhnath Temple or Gorakhnath mandir, especially on Mahashivratri day. Nagarjun Temple is another famous temple here.

How Do I Go to Toranmal Hill Station?

This hill Station is situated at a distance of 55 kilometers from Shahada city. Dondaicha railway station with station code DDE, is at around 75 kilometers distance from Shahada city.

Nandurbar railway station with station code NDB, is the nearest railway station at around 76 kilometers from the hill station. Dhule with station code DHI, is situated at around 90 kilometers distance from the hill station.

Nearest Airport is at Surat at around 240 kilometers distance, in the nearby state of Gujrat. Aurangabad airport is at around 285 kilometers distance from this hill station. Mumbai is at around 500 kilometers from this hill station.

Is There Any Good Hotels at Toranmal Hill Station?

Yes. There are a few resorts are hotels at this hill staiton. Goverment of Maharashtra has a rest house at this hill station town. Toranmal Hill Resort is one among the best Toranmal hotels resorts.

Furthermore, there are many good hotels at Satpura Town, a nearby town to this Beautiful Hill station.

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