Sariska Tiger Reserve – First Park to Relocate Tigers Sucessfully

Sariska Tiger Reserve is situated along the Aravalli Mountain Range, in Alwar district, Rajasthan, India.

A Tiger inside Sariska Tiger Reserve
A Tiger inside Sariska Tiger Reserve.

Sariska was notified as a wildlife sanctuary in 1955. It was made a National park in 1982 and was declared as a Tiger reserve in 1978. As per the census carried out in February 2005, Tigers were extinct at this Tiger reserve, possibly due to poaching. Soon tigers were successfully relocated to this Tiger reserve from Ranthambore National Park. Currently, there are 13 tigers in Sariska; 7 females, 2 males and 4 cubs.

Sariska Tiger Reserve is rich in fauna. Some of the animals found in the National park includes Bengal Tiger, Leopard, rusty spotted cat, four-horned antelope, jungle cat, caracal (wild cat), spotted deer, wild boar, jackal, hyena, sambar, blue bull, etc.

How Do I Go to Sariska Tiger Reserve?

Sariska Tiger Reserve is situated at around 110 kilometers from Jaipur. New Delhi is at around 180 kilometers from Sariska Tiger Reserve.

Alwar Junction is a major railway station which is well connected to Jaipur and New Delhi. Jaipur, Chandigarh and New Delhi are the nearest airports to Sariska National Park and Wildlife Sanctuary.

Sariska Palace Hotel

Sariska Palace Hotel is a heritage hotel built by Maharaja Jai Singh of the Princely state of Alwar. It was constructed in 1892 A.D. as a resting place for the royal family members during hunting. It is situated on the border of Sariska National Park. The hotel has Camel Safari packages for those interested in exploring the Aravali range of mountains.

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