Galibore Nature Camp and Galibore Fishing Camp; Home for Endangered Mahseer Fish

Galibore Nature Camp is situated deep inside the forests, on the banks of the River Cauvery in Karnataka state, India. Galibore Fishing Camp is also part of the Nature Camp.

This Nature Camp is named after the Galibore hillocks that stand behind the nature park. Wilderness is what makes this nature park unique.

There are spotted deer, grizzled giant squirrel, an endangered species, marsh crocodiles, turtles, snakes, etc, are seen here. This Nature and Fishing Camp has around 230 birds species also.

Coracle ride is a specialty here. Fishing is allowed at the Fishing Camp, provided you release the catch back in the river waters. Catch release policy is strictly enforced here to protect the Endangered Mahseer Fish. Fishing is also allowed at the nearby Cauvery Fishing Camp located inside the Fish Camp Center at Bheemeshwari Adventure & Nature Camp Center.

The Nature Camp center offers food. Barbecue is arranged for the dinner, by the Cauvery riverside.

How Do I Go to Galibore Fishing Camp at Galibore Nature Camp?

The Nature Camp is located at Cheelandavadi village, at around 100 kilometers from Bangalore. This beautiful nature park is at around 109 kilometers distance from Mysore.

Which is the Ideal Time to Visit Galibore Nature Camp?

The Nature Camp is to be visited after the onset of monsoon rains. August to February are the ideal months to visit this famous nature camp and Fish camp center. The months of March to June are extremely hot and should be avoided.

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