Chelvara Falls

Chelvara Falls is a beautiful waterfall near to Cheyyandane in Karnataka state, India.

Chelvara Falls
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Chelvara Falls looks as if water is gushing from the beautiful coffee plantations on the mountains. ‘Chomakund’, a beautiful green hill near Madikeri at a distance of around 2 kilo meters from the fall, is the ideal place to watch the fall. On the other side of the fall, you can see the Arabian sea from this hill.

Due to its looks, the falls is also called as “Embepare falls” (meaning tortoise rock) by locals.

There is a bridge near the fall where you can stand and view the falls or take snaps of the falls. For trekking enthusiasts, a nearby hill Chomakundu, is there. You do not need of any pass from Forest department nor any guide for Chomakundu trekking.

Ho do I go to Chelvara Falls?

Chelvara Falls is at a distance of around 16 kilo meters from Virajpet near Coorg hill station. Kodagu alias Coorg is at a distance of around 38 kilo meters from the beautiful Chelvara Falls.

The nearest airport is at Mysore, which is at around 126 kilometers distance from the falls at Cheyyandane. Mangalore airport is at around 178 kilometers distance from the Chelvara Falls. Cannanore in Kerala state is at around 52 kilometers distance from Cheyyandane.

How do I go to Chelvara Falls from Bangalore?

Bangalore, the capital city is at around 260 kilometers from Chelavara. Those traveling by buses can go to Virajpet Bus station by Karnataka State Road Transport Corporation (KSRTC) bus from Bangalore and other cities. You can then board catch local private bus from there to Kakkabe, which passes through Cheyyandane.

Which is the Ideal time to visit Chelvara Falls?

June to December or January are the ideal months to visit Chelvara Falls, after the onset of Monsoon rains.

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