Dalhousie Hill Station

Dalhousie Hill Station is located in the Himachal Pradesh state of India. Dalhousie was developed under Lord Delhousie, the Governor General of India (1848 to 1856), as a summer retreat for the British officers and for the British troops, in the year 1854. Hence the hill station is named after him.

Dalhousie Hill StationView of Himachal Hills from the Dalhousie Hill Station.

Western end of the Himalayan mountain ranges of Dhauladhar is where the Dalhousie Hill Station is situated. Dalhousie Hill Station is made up of five hills. Dalhousie hill station is at a height of 6000 feet to 9000 feet above sea level.

Dalhousie Hill Station has many tourist spots. A potato field near Alla offers unmemorable Himalayan scenic landscape. the Natural spring in Karelan is also a famous spot. The water in this spring is known for its healing power. Dainkund peak is another major attraction for tourists. The Tibetan market , established by Tibetan refugees who fled Tibet in 1959 and were refugees in Delhouie (later on many have left Delhousie to Dharmasala) is also a famous tourist spot. Dalhousie Cantonment is another place where tourists are interested in visiting. Bakrota Hills, Khajjiar, Sadar Bazar (which was re-built after the devastating fire), etc. are some of the other places of interest among tourists to Delhousie.

Kalatop-Khaijjar Wildlife Sanctuary is located here. Dalhousie Hill Station offers trekking for the adventurous. There is an annual trekking pilgrimage tour to Mani Mahesh Temple and Lake. There are many ancient temples in Chamba district. Chamba district is also well known for its culture, art, handicrafts, etc.

Where can I stay in Dalhousie Hill Station?

Dalhousie Hill Station offers many hotels and resorts (around 600 in total), suiting the budget of every tourist. Hotel Mount View & Spa, one of the finest (and first) hotel in Dalhousie (in operation for more than a century). Anandam Spa in Hotel Mount View & Spa is famous among tourists. Grand View Hotel at Delhousie is a good hotel.

Which is the ideal time to visit Dalhousie Hill station?

Summer months of May to September are the ideal time to visit Dalhousie Hill Station in India.

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