Barog Hill Station

Barog Hill Station is in Solan district of Himachal Pradesh, India, at a height of around 1680 meters above sea level.

Barog Hill StationBarog Railway station at Barog Hill Station.

The Hill Station is named after Colonel Barog, an engineer , who was involved with the construction of Kalka-Shimla Mountain railway line in the early 19th century. Colonel Barog committed suicide, after being fined for one Rupee (Yes; it is one rupee!) by the then British government, as the two ends of the tunnel near the Barog railway station did not meet due to errors in calculation done by him! The tunnel near the Barog station is the longest tunnel in the Kalka-Shimla mountain railway with a length of 1143.61 meters and is among the very few straightest tunnels in the World.

‘Dagshai’ , an ex-cantonment, is situated neat to Barog at 7 kilometers distance and is a pine tree filled area with an old church. another famous hill station ‘Solan’, is just 8 kilometers from Barog. “Solan Brewery”, one of the oldest breweries of Asia, (since 1855) is in Solan. The famous Vishal Shiva temple at Jatoli, is at 15 kilometers from the Hill Station.

The Hill Station is the home to Indian Hockey fitness camp.

How do I Go to Barog Hill Station?

The Hill Station can be reached from the Kalka – Shimla National Highway 22, which passes very close to Barog.

There is a narrow gauge, UNESCO World Heritage Site Mountain railway station, at Barog (which connects Kalka to Shimla). Chandigarh is 60 kilometers and Shimla at 55 kilometers distance from this hill Station in Himachal Pradesh. Shimla‘s Jubbarhatti Airport is the nearest airport, while Chandigarh airport is 60 kilometers away.

Where Do I Stay at Barog Hill Station?

You may stay at Hotel Pinewood, a hotel from Himachal Tourism department. There are many other hotels and resorts in and around the Hill Station.

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