Pirotan Island Marine Park

Pirotan Island Marine Park
Yellow Carpet sea Anemone at Pirotan Island – Photo Source : Creative commons. CC BY-SA 3.0.

Pirotan Island Marine Park is off the coast of Bedi Port or Nava port in Gamnagar district of Gujarat state, India. Marine Park in Pirotan Island is at a distance of 12 nautical miles or 22 kilometers of the coast.

Pirotan Island (or Pirothan island) Marine Park is spread over an area of 3 square kilo meters. There are a group of 42 islands, of which Pirotan Island is the most famous island and where tourists are allowed, after getting permission from different government departments like Forest department, Customs department and ports department. Tourists can go to the Pirothan island in the morning and leave by evening. Only Human inhabitants of the island are the light house staff.

Mangroves is the main vegetation in the Pirotan Island. Coral reefs are a major attraction in the Pirotan islands and the island was declared as a Marine National Park in the year 1982.

Pirotan Island is rich in Marine flora and fauna. Sea Anemone, Octopus, sea horse, sea slugs, King Crabs, Hermit Crabs, Ghost crabs, Squid, Sea worms, Sea snakes, Sea Scorpions, Saw-scaled Vipers , Scorpions, etc, are to name a few. There are many sea birds like Sea Gull, Crab Plover, Pelicans,Harring Gull, Black headed Bull, different waders, etc, among the birds found in and around the Pirotan island.

There is a shrine (Durgah) dedicated to Khwaja Khijer Rahmatullahialaih in the the island.

How do I Go to Pirotan Island Marine Park?

You need to hire a boat to go to Pirotan Island Marine Park from Bedi Port or or Nava port. There are no regular boat services to the Pirotan island.

Travelling time is around 90 minutes from the Bedi Port in Gamnagar district of Gujarat. The beach waters are shallow and hence entry is possible only during high tide. You also need to leave the island when it is high tide.

Foreign citizens need permission from the Police department also.

Conclusions About Pirotan Island Marine Park

Are you going to the uninhabited Pirotan Island Marine Park, which is rich in marine life? Please leave your comments below.

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