Kanha National Park and Kanha Tiger Reserve

Kanha National Park and Kanha Tiger Reserve
Hard Ground Barasingha at Kanha National Park

Kanha National Park and Kanha Tiger Reserve is the largest National Park in Central India in Madhya Pradesh state of India. It is also a Tiger reserve.

Hard Ground Barasingha, a Swamp Deer species is the major attraction in this park. It was on the verge of extinction and this park was instrumental in increasing its population. Indian Gaur (an ox species) is also seen in this National park of Kanha, which is the largest wild animal of the park, which used to be the home of wild Indian elephants.

Barasingha (a swamp deer species) has been re-introduced into the Kanha National Park. Barasingha ‘s antlers carry a minimum of 3 tines (prongs); thus the name Barasingha , which means 12 tined. Full grown Barasingha have normally anywhere between 10 to 14 tines, which may go up to 20 in rare cases.

Large sized Munna male tigers are another specialty of Kanha National Park.

Hallon and Banjar rivers, two tributaries of holy river Narmada, flows through the National Park. “The Jungle Book”, story by English author Rudyard Kipling, is inspired are believed to be inspired from this park, as he lived initially as a small kid and later as a youngster in these areas.

How do I Go to Kanha National Park and Kanha Tiger Reserve

Kanha National Park and Tiger Reserve is spread across the Balaghat and Mandala districts of Madhya Pradesh state in Central India.

Jabalpur is the nearest airport to the National Park at a distance of around 175 kilometers away. Nagpur is at 260 kilometers away from the Park at Kanha.

Raipur is at 210 kilometers distance from the Kanhna Park and Kanha Tiger reserve. Mandla is at 60 kilometers distance from the National park.

There are 3 gates to enter into Kanha National Park. If you are coming from Nagpur, Kisli gate is the one which is most convenient. Another gate to the National Park is at Mukki and a third gate to enter the Tiger reserve and National park is at Serai.

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