Rock Garden of Chandigarh

Rock Garden of Chandigarh is a 40 acre  Sculpture garden built of industrial and home waste and scrap materials in Chandigarh, India.

Rock Garden of Chandigarh
Dancing girls at Rock Garden, Chandigarh

Rock Garden of Chandigarh is also called Nek Chand’s Rock Garden named after its founder Nek Chand.

Nek Chand secretly worked in his spare time, more than half a century back, collecting waste materials and placing them in park. 18 years later, this  was noticed by government officials in 1975. As the area was a forest, Nek Chand’s work was considered illegal and the park would have been demolished except for the public support. Due to public support Nek Chand was appointed as an Engineer in charge of the park with 50 workers at his disposal for continuing the work.

Nek Chand continued his work for another 20 years and when he left in India it was destroyed partially by vandals and now this beautiful Rock park is manned by the Rock garden society; a society set up for the maintenance of this garden park.

This Garden made of rocks in Chandigarh has many man made water falls which are interlinked near Sukhna lake.

This beautiful garden in Chandigarh is visited by more than 4000 people everyday and is a popular tourist destination.

How Do I Go to Rock Garden, Chandigarh?

Rock garden is in Sector 1 and is well connected by roads and train. New Delhi is the nearest metro city to Chandigarh.

Newly inaugurated Chandigarh Airport  is the nearest International airport to this famous garden. This airport is spread across a state and a Union Territory! Terminal is located in the state of Punjab while runway is in the Union territory of Chandigarh.

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