Himalayan Valley of Flowers National Park

Valley of Flowers National Park is near to Badrinath in Chamoli District of Utterakhand state, India on the Western Himalayas.

Himalayan Valley of Flowers National Park
Himalayan Valley of Flowers National Park.

Himalayan Valley of Flowers National Park was declared as a national park in 1982. It is a UNESCO World heritage site (along with nearby Nanda Devi National Park), at 3250 to 6750 meters above sea level. The main valley is 5 kilometers by 2 kilometers in length and breadth.

Flowers in valley of flowers National Park changes its colors at different times/days according to the colors of the flowers and is one of the most beautiful High Altitude Valleys of the World. Himalayan valley of flowers in Uttarakhand is rich in flora with different species of valley flowers.

Alpine flowers, a rare species, is found only in this Himalayan Valley National Park in the world. There are many other species of flora in this valley.

Valley of flowers India National Park is rich in fauna with many endangered species of animals like Snow leopard, Asiatic black bear, blue sheep and brown bear.

Nada Devi National Park borders Valley of Flowers National Park.

Valley of flowers trekking is a major activity in the Valley of Flowers National Park.

How Do I Go to Valley of flowers Uttarakhand National Park?

Joshimath is the nearest town to the valley. Ghangaria is the basecamp for the Valley of Flowers. Govindghat at around 22 kilometers from Joshimath on NH58 is the point where trekking to Himalayan valley flowers National Park starts. The base cap is at Ghangaria, 13 kilometers from Govindghat . The actual paradise of valley flowers, is at another 3 kilometers from the base camp.

The famous holy Sikh Shrine of Hemkund Sahib is also nearby to Govindghat .

Valley of Flowers National Park is around 600 kilometers from New Delhi, the capital of India. The nearest airport to the flowers valley is at Dehradun, at 300 kilometers distance.

Rishikesh at around 275 kilometers away is the nearest railway head.

Which is the Ideal Time to Visit the Valley of Flowers?

Valley of Flowers National Park is open only for 5 months, from June to October, as it is snow covered during other months. It is open from 6 am to 6 pm and night camping inside the valley is not allowed. Last entry time at Ghangaria base camp is 3 pm.

Valley of Flowers National Park is only for the medically fit, as it requires a strenuous hike of the Himalayas.

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