Velankanni Our Lady of Good Health Church

Velankanni Our Lady of Good Health Church
Velankanni Our Lady of Good Health Church (Photo credit: Wikimedia)

Velankanni (Vailankanni as it is called officially) is a town in Nagapattinam district of Tamilnadu state in India, famous for the world renowned Roman Catholic Shrine dedicated to Our Lady of Good Health. Thousands of pilgrims visit this Church everyday and around 15 lacks people on the 10 day festival season.

Velankanni Our Lady of Good Health Church is built in the 16th Century on account of 3 miracles happening there. This Church is built on the  Gothic style of architecture.

The main ornamentation at the Velankanni Our Lady of Good Health Church is the statue of Mary holding the infant son, Lord Jesus Christ, standing on a globe. The church’s status was raised to that of a basilica in 1962 by Pope John XXIII.

The devastating Tsunami of December 2004, which damaged the entire area around the church; miraculously spared the pilgrims who are attending the mass service inside the Velankanni Church. (Similarly, the San Thome Basilica built over the tomb of St. Thomas at Marina Beach, Chennai, was also spared from Tsunami damages.)

How Do I Go to Velankanni Our Lady of Good Health Church?

Velankanni is a small town on the Bay of Bengal coast, at around 350 kilometers from the capital of Tamilnadu, Chennai. It is well connected by roads and train. Velankanni’s Station code on Indian railway website,, is VLKN. Nearest major international airport is at Tirusulam, Chennai International Airport.

Is There Any Good Velankanni Hotels near Church?

There are many Velankanni hotels near the church and in the town. Seagate Church View Resorts, MGM Vailankanni Residency, Seagate Hotel Hotel Picnic, Chandra Royal Inn, Clinton Park Inn, Hotel Seahorse, etc, are some of the good hotels in Velankanni.

If you are interested in booking rooms owned by the Velankanni Church, Please contact [email protected] by Email or call +91-4365-264-890 or +91-4365-263-421 and ask the telephone operator to connect to the room booking staff.

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