A Misty Paradise called Gavi, Location of Ordinary Movie

Gavi, a heaven of Misty Paradise with forests, lakes, water falls, etc,  in the Western Ghats, situated in Kerala State, India. Gavi offers unparalleled experience for a tourist. “Unadulterated Nature at its  best!”

Mushrooms on grassland in Gavi
Mushrooms on grassland in Gavi.

Tiger, leopards, bear, elephants and many other inhabitants of the beast can be seen on your jungle safari drive to Gavi. There are 3 dams and a check dam, on your way to this place from Pathanamthitta town.

Facilities for Trekking, Bird watching, Wild life watching, etc, are there. Tree top accommodation and Boating inside Gavi lake on small Coracles (bowl-shaped boats) are available. You may visit the cardamom factories int he area.  There is a spot from where one can view the world famous Sabarimala temple clearly. Local people are involved as guides, cooks, gardeners, etc, which made they earn their livelihood from nature and they became more involved in protecting the nature.

The mega  hit Malayalam movie ‘Ordinary’, released last year, was shot at here. ‘ Alistair International’ has listed Gavi as the leading Eco Tourism center in India and a must see place in India.

How Do I Go to Gavi?

One has to collect passes from the Kerala forest office at Vallakadavu to go inside Gavi. It is in Seethathode Panchayath in Ranni Taluk, Pathanamthitta district, Kerala. It is best to go from Pathanamthitta by a Jeep. Car journey is not advisable as ghat roads are often damaged.

Gavi Kerala Tour package is one among the Best Kerala tourism packages available.

Is Accommodation Available at Gavi?

This place is part of the Periyar Wildlife Sanctuary. Kerala government undertaking, Kerala Forest Development Corporation, provides accommodation in Eco tents, as part of Kerala Tourism packages.

You may stay at hotels in the nearby towns like Kumali, Pathanamthitta, Ranni, Konni, Punalur, , Tiruvalla, Chenganoor, Kottayam, etc.

Home-Stay Near Gavi

Those interested in staying at home-stay can stay at Pathanamthitta homestay.

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