Kohima War Cemetery

Kohima War Cemetery

Kohima War Cemetery is situated at Kohima, the capital city of Nagaland state of India. War Cemetery at Kohima is dedicated to the 10000 odd soldiers who lost their lives in protecting their country from the invading Japanese during the World War II, in the Battle of Kohima in 1944.

Kohima War Cemetery
Kohima War Cemetery. (Photo credit: deepgoswami)

This Battle of Kohima had lasted for nearly three months, during which a small group of soldiers had bravely blocked a large number of advancing Japanese troops at the border, from invading India. The Indian troops were the 50th Indian Parachute Brigade under Brigadier Maxwell Hope-Thompson, at Sangshak.  It is often referred to as the Stalingrad of the East. The Kohima War Cemetery, which used to be  known as Garrison Hill, lies on the slopes of Garrison Hill, in what was once the Deputy Commissioner’s tennis court, which was the scene of the Battle of Kohima

The War Cemetery at Kohima is designed as a series of terraces, stone steps leading through the cemetery. Theie are a total of 18 plots in the cemetery. The  Cemetery is beautifully maintained with green grass and roses. There are two crosses at the highest and the lowest points in the tranquility of the cemetery.

Around 17,000 soldiers, both Indian and British, were killed / missing / wounded. Before leaving India in 1947, the British had this memorial erected in memory of the brave soldiers.

The War Cemetery is engraved with a very apt and a moving epitaph which reads:

When you go home, tell them of us, and say: ‘For your tomorrow, we gave our today”.

This verse is attributed to John Maxwell Edmonds (1875–1958).

The War Cemetery at Kohima is maintained by Commonwealth War Graves Commission. There is a sense of grave tranquility and stillness in the beautiful surroundings , which makes ones heart to go out to those brave soldiers who gave up their lives in saving their country. Kohima War Cemetery is one of the famous epitaphs in the world.

How Do I Fo to Kohima War Cemetery?

Dimapur Airport is the nearest airport to Kohima War Cemetery, at around 70 kilometers distance. Dimapur Airport is connected to Kolkotta International airport, Guwahati airport, Imphal airport, etc. Imphal is at around 145 kilometers from Kohima city. Guwahati is at around 250 kilometers distance from Kohima.

Nagaland State Road Transport Corporation buses connects Kohima to other Northern state capitals and major nearby cites. Dimapur railway station is the nearest railway station to Kohima city.

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