Information You Probably Didn’t Know About Holy See or Holy Land – JERUSALEM

A Visit to the Holy See or Holy Land! The ultimate dream for any Christian. This dream can be achieved  now by  the residents of India.

Go on a tour of  JERUSALEM and nearby tourist places like AMMAN (JORDAN), PALESTINE,  EGYPT; this year  and get the ultimate pilgrimage satisfaction.  It is the birth place of the Lord Jesus Christ. Celebrate Christmas at Jerusalem!

Visit the historic places where Jesus Christ lived his life. You can see the places where Jesus Christ was born, baptized, lived and preached Christianity.  Holy Land is the place where biblical churches, hills, seas, etc, are found. Egypt is home to one of the seven wonders of the world;  Egyptian mummies. Visit UNESCO World Herniate Sites in Egypt. Come and explore these heritage beauties.

Church of the Holy Sepulchre or Church of the Resurrection or Church of the Anastasis in Old Jerusalem
Church of the Holy Sepulchre or Church of the Resurrection or Church of the Anastasis in Old Jerusalem

Church of the Holy Sepulchre or Church of the Resurrection or Church of the Anastasis is 4th century Orthodox Church at old Jerusalem. It is one of the holiest places for any Christian. It is the site where Jesus Christ was crucified (Calvary or Golgotha). The site where Jesus Christ was buried is situated in a 18th century shrine called Aedicule or Edicul. Both these holiest sites are located close to each other. It is also a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Dome of the Rock is the most recognizable landmark in Jerusalem. It is  an Islamic Shrine and a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It was built in 691 CE. The original dome collapsed in 1015. It was rebuilt in 1022 – 23. This is one of the oldest Islamic architectures found anywhere in the world. It is believed that Prophet Muhammad’s Journey to heaven started from the rock at the center of this structure.

Foundation Stone at Dome of the Rock, in holy See alias Holy Land
Foundation Stone at Dome of the Rock, in Jerusalem

This rock is of great significance for the Jews also, as it is believed to be the purported site of Abraham’s attempted sacrifice of his son. Jews call this stone as “Foundation Stone” or Pierced Stone. There is a hall in the corner of the stone and hence the name Pierced stone.  It is the holiest place for Jews.

Western Wall is another UNESCO World Heritage Site in old Jerusalem. It is made of lime-stones.  It can be described as the 187 foot or 57 meter exposed portion of the ancient wall, situated on the western side of the Temple Mount. Western Wall is the holiest place for Jews. Beyond this wall, Jews are not allowed to go. They can pray here on the side of the western wall. It is the holiest place for Jews to pray. i.e. For Jews, Western Wall is the holiest place to pray and the Foundation Stone is the holiest place.


How Do I Go to the Holy See or Holy Land; JERUSALEM?

Holy Land, the birth place of the Jesus Christ, the spot where the Baptism of Jesus Christ took place, UN World Heritage sites in and around Jerusalem, etc, can be visited by contacting the Group tour operators, Drishya Holidays. They offer 9 nights and 10 days tour package from India at affordable rates, on a twin sharing basis.  Please call  +91-98107  – 141500 or email  at [email protected] These group tours starts from Kerala and New Delhi.

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Jerusalem: One City, Three Faiths

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Venerated for millennia by three faiths, torn by irreconcilable conflict, conquered, rebuilt, and mourned for again and again, Jerusalem is a sacred city whose very sacredness has engendered terrible tragedy. In this fascinating volume, Karen Armstrong, author of the highly praised A History of God, traces the history of how Jews, Christians, and Muslims have all laid claim to Jerusalem as their holy place, and how three radically different concepts of holiness have shaped and scarred the city for thousands of years.

Armstrong unfolds a complex story of spiritual upheaval and political transformation–from King David’s capital to an administrative outpost of the Roman Empire, from the cosmopolitan city sanctified by Christ to the spiritual center conquered and glorified by Muslims, from the gleaming prize of European Crusaders to the bullet-ridden symbol of the present-day Arab-Israeli conflict.

Written with grace and clarity, the product of years of meticulous research, Jerusalem combines the pageant of history with the profundity of searching spiritual analysis. Like Karen Armstrong’s A History of God, Jerusalem is a book for the ages.

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